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Movement of Men


The game starts by throwing one die by each of the players. This decides which player will go first and the numbers that are to be played. If the same number comes up, then the players are to roll again until they roll different numbers. The player throwing the higher number now moves his men according to the numbers showing on both dice. After the first roll, the players throw the dice on their respective turn. The player is to move his men across the points, or pips according to the roll of the dice. The men are always moved forward to a lower-numbered point towards your home court. The moves that are allowed are as follows:

1)   A single men may be moved only to an open point, which is not occupied by two or more opposing men.

2)   The numbers that come out on the two dice indicate the moves that are available to the player.  Each number on a dice is one move. For example, if a player rolls 4 and 2, he may move one man four spaces to an open point and another man two spaces to another open point, or he may choose to combine both numbers and move one man a total of six spaces to an open point, but only if the respective point in the middle of the move (either two or four spaces from the starting point) is also open.

This picture shows the two ways that White can play a roll of a 5 and a 3

3)   A player who rolls doubles plays the numbers that are shown on the dice twice. If on a throw a player rolls 5 and 5 means that the player has four moves of fives to use, and he may move any combination of men that he feels would be the best moves for that outcome.  Just like in the first example, he can move 4 different men 5 points each or a combination of one man to a total of 20 points.

4)  A player must use both of the numbers of a roll as long as it is legally possible (in case of a double, then all four numbers of that double). The player must play all his numbers, even if only one number is legally possible.  If both numbers can be played individually but not both, then the player must always play the higher number. The player will forfeit hit turn if neither number can be played. In the case of a double, a player must play as many numbers possible if not all numbers can be played.


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