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Bearing Off


Bearing off is possible once a player has moved all of his men into his own home board. To bear off, a player must take out any man that corresponds to the number of the dice. For example, rolling a 5 allows the player to remove a man from the five point.

If on the roll, the number that comes out is not occupied by any men, then the player must make any legal move using any man on a higher numbered point. If there are no men on any higher-numbered points, the player will remove a man from the highest point available on which one of his men resides. Bearing off will be done under the discretion of the player and if the player can make any legal move without bearing off, he may do so.


This picture illustrates White rolling a 6  and a 4 therefore two men

All available men must be in a player’s home board in order to bear off. If any man is hit during the bear off and re-enteres on the opposite home board, then the player must first bring him back to his own home board and only then continue to bear off. The first player to bear off all of his men wins the game.


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