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Hitting and Entering in Backgammon


A “blot” is a single man of either color occupying a single point. If the opposite player moves his man to land on that “blot”, then that is called a “hit” and the blot is removed and placed on the “bar”.

It is mandatory of a player when he has any number of men on the bar, to enter his men to the opposite home board (between the 18-24 point).  For a player to re-enter his men into the opposite home board, he must roll a number on the dice that is open.

For example, if a player rolls 2 and 5, then the player may enter his man into either the two point or the five point on the opposite home board, as long as it is not filled with 2 or more of the opponent’s men.

This picture shows if White rolls a 4 and a 5 while having a man on the bar, he must enter
 the man onto Red's Four point since Red's Five point is occupied by two opposite men and therefore is not open

A player will lose his turn his either of the points on the opposite home board are not open. If a player has more then one man on the bar, then he must try to enter as many men he can during any one turn.  If he can only enter one man but still has men on the bar, then the player will forfeit the reminding roll.

Once all of the player’s men are entered to the opposite home board from the bar, then the player must use any remaining roll to move either the re-entered men or any other men on the board.


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