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Video Poker Payout Tables

The payout table on a video poker machine tells a player exactly how much each winning combination of cards pays. The tables are posted on the top of the machine or directly on the video screen. The true odds of any video poker machine are fixed. Casinos can only get an edge with house odds.

Two identical looking machines placed next to each other could have entirely different payout schedules. Just because both machines are Jacks or Better does not mean they payout the same.
The average payout for a video poker machine is between 90 and 100+ percent if proper strategy is used. Of course the ever elusive royal flush must be hit in order to attain these payout percentages. The odds of hitting a royal flush are approximately 40,000 to 1. If you're interested in regular poker action, check out the Pacific Poker review for details on a great online poker site.

Here are payout tables for some of the most common types of video poker machines in action today.


Jacks or Better Video Poker Payout Tables

All Aces Payout Table
9/6 Jacks or Better Payout Table
8/5 Jacks or Better Payout Table
7/5 Jacks or Better Payout Table
6/5 Jacks or Better Payout Table
Double Bonus Poker Payout Table
Double Double Bonus Poker Payout Table


Joker Poker Video Poker Payout Tables

Joker Poker Kings or Better Payout Table
Joker Poker 2 Pair or Better Payout Table


Deuces Wild Poker Payout Tables

Deuces Wild Poker Payout Table


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