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Video Poker Winning Hands

A list of all possible winning video poker hands. The hands are ranked from the best possible hand (Royal Flush) down to the lowest possible winning hand (Pair of Jacks). These hands apply to most versions of the game. However, some variations (such as Deuces Wild) will have a different lowest possible hand.


Royal Flush

  A- K- Q- J- 10

A,K,Q,J, and 10 all of the same suit

Straight Flush

  Q- J- 10- 9- 8

Five cards in sequence and all of the same suit

Four of a Kind

  K- K- K- K

Four cards of the same rank

Full House

  K- K- K- A- A

Three of a kind, plus a pair


  Q- 10- 9- 6- 2

Five cards of the same suit


J- 10- 9- 8- 7

Five cards in sequence. (Ace can be high or low)

Three of a Kind

  J- J- J- 7- 2

Three cards of the same rank

Two Pair

  K- K- 8- 8- 7

Two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank

Jacks or Better

  J- J- A- 10- 3

A pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces



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