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Roulette Wheel and Roulette Table Layout


Roulette Wheel Layout


The Roulette Wheel is the movable ‘bowl’ portion of the roulette table that is divided into red and black compartments that are alternately, but not sequentially, numbered from 1 to 36. Additionally, there is one 0 compartment and in the United States also a 00.

Where the numbers 0 and 00 are used they sit opposite each other on the wheel, all other numbers alternate red and black around the wheel.

Directly opposite each odd number is the next highest even number and pairs of odd numbers along with pairs of even numbers are found alternately around the wheel.


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Roulette Table Layout


The Roulette Table has spaces colored and numbered to correspond with the colors and numbers of the wheel compartments.

Bettors have a choice of placing inside or outside bets. The Inside Bet is a wager on the numerical symbols or combinations of numbers ranging from 1 to 36, including 0 and 00.

Outside bets include segments of one third of the possible numbers to come up, excluding 0 and 00. These bets pay you 2 to 1, meaning if you bet $1 and the number comes up within the group you bet on you win $2 plus you keep your original bet of $1.

Also on the outside are options to wager on the numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36; even or odd; red or black. These pay 1 to 1 and are known as even money bets. They exclude the 0 and 00, which increases the house advantage and makes these bets less than a fifty/fifty chance.


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