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Roulette Wheel Bias

The Biased Roulette Wheel - a gambler's dream. If you can find it and track it the chance is good that you can beat it. The term bias in regards to gambling refers to an action or event that shows a consistent pattern over time. A Biased Roulette Wheel is one that possesses a mechanical flaw that allows a particular number to come up an average of every 20 or 30 spins. With the likeliness of one particular number coming up you can bet on that number each spin and come out ahead of the house in the long run.

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In order to spot the biased roulette wheel you need to methodically watch and record the spin results on the same wheel looking for any numbers that seem to come up consistently. This bias could be a result of the wheel, the marble used, the slant of the table, or any number of reasons.

One example of a biased roulette wheel could be that perhaps over time and continued use the compartment of the number 29 will have worn and become slightly more open than other compartments on the wheel. Even with the fraction of a percentage that the compartment became larger there is still a change which would increase the space the marble could land in. This visually unnoticeable difference on the wheel would increase the odds of 29 coming up and present the gambler with the opportunity to beat the house.


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Although quite desirable, finding a biased roulette wheel is not as easy to do as it may sound because casinos check often for biased roulette wheels and eliminate the flaw as quickly as they discovered it. Remember that the casinos are watching for biased wheels as intently as you are so if you find one act quickly while the opportunity to take advantage of the bias still exists.

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