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What Factors Really Matter While Playing Roulette Online?


It is often thought that online roulette is a game whose odds can be calculated and beat, leading someone to long-term success in the game. For the most part, this simply is not the case. But does that mean there's nothing to consider? No.

Internet roulette does have some things you need to know. The first of which is to understand the wheel options. There are two primary choices. One is the American wheel. The other is the European wheel.

The American version contains a total of 38 slots. It includes numbered slots ranging from 0 to 36. It also includes a slot known as 00 or double zero. Having 38 slots gives the house about a 5 and 1/4 percent advantage.

The European version is only slightly different in layout. Online roulette with a European wheel offers only 37 slots. The slot which is not included is the double zero.

While the difference of one slot may seem insignificant, the numbers say that the impact is fairly legitimate. The house advantage drops from around 5 and 1/4 all the way down to just over 2 and 3/4 percent. Basically, the house has about half the advantage with the European wheel.

This is certainly a factor worth considering. Since online roulette does not limit you to only one type of table, you can choose the clearly more advantageous wheel to play.

You're only limitation here is how eager to you to search through the millions of "online roulette" listings to find a casino that is most appealing to you.

Another factor portrayed in traditional land-based casino roulette is that of dealer signature. The idea is that the croupier (or dealer), without thinking and through muscles acting repetitively, will form a pattern to what numbers he spins on the roulette wheel.

There are a number of problems with the dealer signature concept. For one, it has never actually been proven. As true as it is espoused to be, the proof is drastically lacking. Croupiers simply cannot overcome the obstacle of math's natural uncertainty.

The numbers and slots on the table are set up in such a way that the chance of hitting any number is equally possible. Regardless of the spin or the muscle movement, croupiers are merely a pawn in this truly random game.

The second reason that dealer signature holds no weight is because the game is now online and the chances haven't changed. The random operation of the computer finds no merit in muscle habits or mindlessly moving certain ways.

So what factors are really worth considering? One truth is that the European wheel naturally has better odds than the American wheel. Online roulette eliminates the myth of dealer signature, as memorizing a croupier's every move is impossible since the outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator.

The odds are not very good for the player. The winnings are not enormous. The primary factor with this game is simply whether or not you think it is fun to play.

In summary, the player looking to try their luck playing roulette online must find a reputable casino from a trusted gambling portal and limit their play to the single zero tables to cut down the house's advantage. These are the factors that really matter while playing roulette online.


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