Low Volatility VS. High Volatility: What’s The Best Game to Play in Slots


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Low Volatility VS. High Volatility: What’s The Best Game to Play in Slots


The slots industry’s long history and enormous technological advancements have resulted in various slots with different themes, bonus features, and payouts. Thus, these would leave players with a lot of choices in selecting the most entertaining slot games.

All slot games are providing numerous opportunities. However, many players are not aware that selecting a slot game has only a minor bearing on the chances of winning. The volatility or variance plays a vital role in giving you the winning chances in each slot session.


What is Volatility?


Volatility is primarily a measurement that describes the expected payout amount and how you will often win the slot game. Thus, it determines the risk incurred during playing slot games in online casinos such as Leovegas review. There are two types of volatility, high and low volatility which particularly differs when it comes to risk. As a player, it does not matter what level of volatility you choose. It still depends on your risk appetite and strategies.


Low Volatility


Low volatility has small payouts but persistent. Compared to high volatility, it has several advantages. First, it gives you smoother payout structures. Having many slot lines can give you a high winning possibility. Second, low volatility allows you to have easier bankroll management, unlike high volatility that is highly uncertain. A low range of betting units will help you to formulate a good bankroll plan.

Third, lower risk of losing. Putting your money at high risk is worrisome. Thus, having a low volatility slot game saves you from worrying about your losses. If you are the kind of player with a low-risk appetite and prefer frequent payout, you might choose low volatility. Here are some low-volatility online slot games that you can look at in your favorite online casinos.


Reels of Wealth Slot


This game has three ways to pay out from ten fixed pay lines. You can win by having matches that go from left to right, right to left, or from the center out. Moreover, if you win the first spin, you will be given an automatic free respin for another chance.


Starburst Slot


Starburst Slot is the most played and most popular slot game ever released because of the game design, free spin, and welcome bonuses. In this game, you can win both ways from ten fixed pay lines.


Cash of Kingdom Slot


The Cash of Kingdom Slot is a newly released game among these low volatility slot games. Even though it’s new, this game has made many fans. This game has 15 pay lines, and you can win with both ways, wild symbols, stacked wilds, free spins, and more. Moreover, it has a maximum payout of 100,000 euros.


High Volatility With


High volatility would require a lot of patience as it has a low frequency of winnings and puts your money at high risk. However, unlike low volatility that has only small payouts, high volatility provides a large amount of winning that is life-changing.

That is why most players prefer high volatility, as this brings them a high level of excitement while expecting a huge profit. High volatility slot games are best to play when you have a lot of leisure time and money to spend for entertainment.  Here are some high-volatility online slot games that most players play.


Pyramid – Quest for Immortality


This game is well-known for its unique Wild Generation feature, which creates wilds in the pyramid’s cup when the winning combinations are in the highest line. To win big in this slot, you must hit multiple winning combinations in a row.


Immortal Romance


Immortal Romance is one of the popular online slots in online casinos. This made it even popular with its Wild Desire feature that gives fantastic multipliers won by many players during any usual spin.




Outcomes from slots are naturally random. Sometimes you obtain good payouts. Sometimes you may lose all your money from your bankroll. Be it highly volatile or low, the essential thing in playing online slot games is knowing how to manage your bankroll. You must always make sure you maintain your money to last long in the casino and enjoy the entertainment.



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