How Technology Has Made Sports Betting Safer




Technological advancements have been acting as a key driver in the transformation of sports betting. In the last few years, sports betting has moved from placing bets on basic dial-up connection to live bets taken in real-time. Currently, the new normal is to bet online on numerous online sports betting sites. You could read review for betting sites, like this BetOnline Review and choose the one that best suits your requirements. If you aren’t keen enough, you might fail to recognize the evolution and transformation that took place.

Luckily enough, the betting industry is catching up. Various companies are using technology to improve not just the security but also the overall experience of placing a bet. Here are some of the most important ways technology is making betting safer for everybody.


  • Enforcing Your Limits


Controlling your spending is easier than ever before. A lot of sites now offer a wide array of tools players can leverage to limit their spending—including cool down periods and deposit limits. These practices are evolving to become a standard practice across the board. You can look at these options as a sign that a bookie is operating with customer-friendly guidelines.

While they are definitely a positive sign, you shouldn’t consider them your only port of call. You might end up stupidly spending a lot of money online. So, it’s only fitting that you get to leverage options that enable you to stay within your budget.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a huge part of keeping your betting safe. This is essentially the bookie’s way of ensuring players are who they say they are. This will help decrease the chance of fraud, identify customers who might face gambling issues and keep everything legitimate.


  • Blockchain and Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency was once linked with the “dark” web, and throughout the years, it has enjoyed a mixed reputation after a lot of inflation and being used for specific “unsavory purchases.” Nevertheless, technology is acting as a real force bringing a positive change in gambling. It brings forth a certain degree of transparency that was once not a part of online gambling. Currently, all transactions can be recorded securely, ensuring games live up to the odds they offer.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is making life much easier for bettors and online bookies alike. It enables players to bet funds without the need to share sensitive information like billing addresses or credit card details online. Pay-outs can also be authorized much faster without the involvement of traditional capital. It is easy enough to get started and provides a lot of peace of mind after you have got your head around it.




  • Internet Security


Presently, cybersecurity is a huge deal. With technology advancing at a faster pace, people are searching for new ways to take advantage of it. Most betting sites use advanced encryption to keep the users’ data safe from the ever-looming threat of hackers and malware.

One such tool is SSL encryption or a secure sockets layer. SSL ensures any data sent back and forth between the user and the website is encrypted on its journey, instead of plain text that’s visible to just anyone. When it comes to personal data, this tool is very reassuring, even more so when large sums of money are involved.

Additionally, two-factor authentication is a fantastic way to boost your online security. Presently, many sites offer it within your account settings. It is relatively simple—every time someone login into your account from a new location or device, a temporary code is generated and sent to the trusted email address or mobile number. This code should be entered before you can enter your account. While this might be a minor inconvenience to you, it will be a massive kick in the nuts for hackers.


Final Thoughts


Innovations and advancements in the tech world have spectacularly improved the sports betting industry, making it more accessible and safer. The best thing about these advancements is that they are advantageous to both gamblers and bookmakers. Gamblers can easily access their preferred betting sites online and make financial transactions conveniently. If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that all these changes point to a bright future for the industry.




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