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Craps Table Personnel


There are typically five basic staff members at a craps table. There are four dealers, three of which work the table, while a fourth is on break. There is also a supervisor called a boxman who is not part of the official crew and may or may not work with a particular group of dealers all the time.


The Boxman

The boxman is a casino executive that is in charge of the craps table and whose decision is usually the final word in any disputes which may arise. The boxman generally wears a suit and tie and remains seated during the game with his arms closely guarding the casino's chips.


The Stickman

The stickman's name comes from the fact that he or she uses a long flexible stick to push the dice around the table. Dealers never touch the dice. The stickman calls the game, announcing each roll of the dice and whether it is a winner or loser. He or she returns the dice to the shooter after all payoffs have been completed. The stickman is in charge of the center of the layout and places all bets for the proposition numbers.


The Craps Dealers

There are two dealers present at the craps table. Each dealer is in charge of one end of the layout. The dealers convert cash into playing chips and make sure that the bets at his or her end of the layout are paid correctly.


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