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Live Online Blackjack Dealers

When online blackjack was introduced in the 1990's, it was not initially popular because it did not feature live dealers. Players had doubts about the randomness of cards being dealt and stayed away. Over time their fears were assuaged and online blackjack became popular. However live online blackjack dealers were still being missed because live dealing simulates a casino environment and this makes players feel good.

Online blackjack enables players to gamble from the comfort of their homes away from the formidable atmosphere of the casino. But it takes away the glamour as well. Live dealers blackjack brings back the glamour but keeps away the stiff forbidding atmosphere. When live dealers were introduced some years back regular sized cards were used. Players could not clearly see the cards being dealt. Live dealer games have now corrected this drawback by using large size cards.

Online casinos separately display live dealer blackjack tables on the menu. The larger casinos have as many as twenty live dealer blackjack tables with a variety of betting options to suit all pockets. A player can choose the table he wants from the menu and join the players already gambling on that table. The table displays each person's screen name.


Rushmore Online Casino - Blackjack 200%

In live dealer blackjack the monitor screen is divided into three sections. The main section normally shows the blackjack table. However when a player is playing his hand there are cameras that zoom into the cards and then zoom out to the table again. A very large box on the top left corner of the monitor screen shows the dealer and his actions.

Live dealer blackjack clearly shows a live person dealing the cards and also the six-deck shoe being shuffled and cut by a live person. The right corner has a talk box through which players can chat with each other or with the dealer if they want to. This is a very popular feature of live dealer blackjack since it adds to the enjoyment of playing and simulates another feature of the casino environment. But in order to enjoy all this high speed Internet access is mandatory.

Did you Know?

You've already learned that you can chat live with the beautiful live blackjack dealers. But most people do not realize that some of these dealers are truly stunning in appearance and are always very charming and willing to make their players feel welcome and appreciated.

In order to popularize live online blackjack dealers, online casinos are offering a variety of promotional schemes. The most common of these are deposit bonuses. Casinos match hundred percent of the initial deposit made by player subject to limits varying from $100 to $400. Some casinos also offer tournament blackjack in live dealer format.


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