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Favorable Blackjack Conditions

Variations to the game of blackjack from casino to casino affects the expected win rate, or the amount the player can expect to win or lose. The players expected win rate using basic strategy depends on the casino's blackjack rules and the number of decks being used. Some of these variations favor the house and some favor the player.

Favorable Blackjack Conditions

A set of conditions for which the player using proper basic strategy can make the win rate even out is as follows:

  • A single deck game

  • The player is allowed to double down on any two cards but not after splitting

  • The dealer stands on soft seventeen

  • Surrender is allowed

  • Blackjack is paid off at 3 to 2


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To gain an advantage using basic strategy the player must locate casinos offering the following rules variations:

  • Blackjack's paying 2 to 1 increase the expected win rate by 2.3%

  • Option to double down an any number of cards increases the expected win rate .24%

  • Option to double down after splitting pairs increases the expected win rate .14%

  • Option to early surrender increases the expected win rate .70%

  • Option to late surrender increases the expected win rate .06%

  • Blackjack's paid when the dealer ties increases the expected win rate .30%


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