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How to spend less and win more on online slots


Many people, both gamblers and non-gamblers, consider slot machines as very easy to play but very hard to win. Manually this is rather true, but strategically it is not – while winning is highly dependent on the latter.

Acquiring insight on how to win slot games at sites such as dreamjackpot.com or how to calculate the odds has become increasingly difficult, as the number of paylines and symbols has significantly increased after their transition from the offline to the digital sphere. However, I will attempt to map this out for you below.

The role of Luck

Luck is a major part of the equation when it comes to winning on online slots. Return to Player is a statistic that no casino outside the UK is obliged to publish – which illustrates that UK slots are probably safer to play.

However, slots use a Random Number Generator, so every spin in a slot machine is completely random; this suggests that even when an online casino has 95% RTP, this does not mean that if you play 100£ you will win 95£.

The role of Probabilities

Nonetheless, a pro-player can calculate what’s the probability of getting lucky and, then, consider if they are happy to play with these chances. To do that, however, is not that easy since a number of factors are at play.

Payout is dependant on the number of reels and symbols apparent in each slot game, as well as the randomly generated pattern that we mentioned above. First, a player should calculate the number of possible winning combinations the slot game has; for instance, if we have a 3 reel slot game with 6 symbols on each reel – then we just have to conduct 6x6x6 to find out the total number of winning combinations.

To identify the odds of winning, one has to divide the above finding with the number of possible combinations the slot machine has. Nonetheless, each combination has different payouts – but the hardest to get the higher the reward.

Be realistic

Winning the biggest jackpot is quite unlikely, thus, in the short-term you should go after smaller jackpots that are much more likely to be achieved. Hitting the highest jackpots also requires a lot of time, and one would have to be determined to spend a lot of money in order to achieve that.

Nonetheless, by choosing to play for a medium reward the chances of actually winning are much higher, and also this approach is more bankroll-friendly. However, we do not suggest here that high jackpots can’t be won, just laying out the probabilities.

Yay: Bonus

Before starting to play on the slot machine of your choice, first, you should make sure bonus rounds are apparent, since these offer you more chances to win the jackpot. Even if the payouts are small, these modes multiple your rewards and your bankroll can increase rapidly.

First Read, Then Play

Following the above steps could bring you one step closer to winning, but also provide you with the necessary tools to falsify the slot-machines sceptics.


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