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Worst Slot Machine Locations

Casinos are currently placing tight machines in the following locations:

Worst Slot Machine Location # 1 - Near the gaming tables

The worst place to play slot machines is the area surrounding the table games (blackjack, baccarat, roulette and so forth). The theory is that gaming table players do not want to be distracted by the noise and commotion created by big slot winners.

Worst Slot Machine Location # 2 - Near the Sportsbook

Another area that casinos place tight machines is near the sportsbook. Patrons betting on sporting events and horse races do not like to be disturbed by the clanking of coins from slot players.

Worst Slot Machine Location # 3 - Areas where gaming table players exit

Gaming table players frequently drop loose coins into machines on their way out of the table area. Since most of these players are not your typical long term slots players, casinos stand to lose money when a big win occurs. This is because these players will more than likely not put their winnings back into the machines.

The tightest machines are located in the most logical areas of the casino. Areas where non slot players would be most distracted or disturbed by their noise. Slot players ability to avoid playing machines in these areas will greatly increase their chances to win.


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