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Best Slots Online


We have determined the best slots online  by researching all of the most popular slot games offered by trusted and reputable online casinos. If a majority of other players enjoy these particular slot games the most, we feel that you will enjoy them as well. Here are the top 3 most popular slots right now:


Best Slots - Popular Games

Ruby of the Nile Video Slot
Ruby of the Nile
Play Ruby Nile at Grand Modial Casino

Paydirt Slot Game Screenshot
PayDirt Slot Game


French - UK slots players - The best slots can be found at  Golden Tiger Casino. Get £1,500 free.
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Canadian Flag - Canadian slots players - The best online slots are at All Slots Casino - Get $CA5,000 free.
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Best Slots Locations (Land Based)

The best places within the land based casinos to find loose slot machines are no longer the front entrance of the casino or the edge of the aisles. Casinos are now placing mid-paying and tight machines in these locations. Smart online slots players should look for high paying machines in the following areas:

Best Slot Machine Location #1 - On elevated carousels

Machines programmed with higher payouts are located in the areas that are most visible from all angles. Players are more likely to insert more money into their own machines after seeing a big winner from one of these easily viewable locations.

Best Slot Machine Location #2 - Next to change booths

Players waiting in line to purchase coins are enticed to buy more change and play longer after hearing and seeing excited players celebrating a big win.

Best Slot Machine Location #3 - Near cafes and coffee shops

Loose machines are often strategically placed in these locations to encourage players to finish eating quickly and get back to playing their own machines.

Did you know that some online casinos offer fruit machines that play just like the ones you enjoy at your local pub? However, the online versions offer even better payouts and jackpots.

On your next visit to a casino, search for slot machines in the above described locations for optimal payoffs. A great deal of thought and planning goes into the placement of slot machines in a casino. Have you tried mobile slots? If not you should. They allow you to play the hottest slots games right on your mobile phone.


Best Slots Locations Online



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