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Skill Games

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to test your skills online then you might like to try playing online skill games for money. This is not gambling, it is a completely different concept, and it is easier than ever with online skills game sites. There are a whole host of popular game categories available and these fall into board games, word games, arcade games, puzzle games, and such-like.

What differentiates skill games from other games is the fact that they are not the kind of games typically associated with casinos. For instance you would play poker and baccarat at a casino, whereas on a skill games site you would play backgammon and scrabble perhaps. You are also able to pit your wits against other players online who enjoy playing the same games, enter tourneys and play for free if you like.

Basically skill games can be defined as games that were around before computers were ever invented and have naturally evolved to the internet. If you are old enough you might remember pinball machines and Pac-man. These games were played in arcades, but now with the internet, we can access all kinds of skills games.

Think about chess, backgammon, checkers trivial pursuits, and scrabble, these games have been played for ever, but they are nowhere to be found in online casinos. They are a special genre of their own, developed and changed to suit being played online and now even for money prizes. Of course when you play a skill game for a money prize, you have to contribute an entry fee, but this is easily done and has really boosted the popularity of skills games. Tetris and Bejeweled are other examples of these games and if you are easily addicted to games, I would suggest not venturing near either on of these two. However they are great fun and you are able switch your computer on, any time of the day or night and find an opponent to pit your wits against.

The sky actually becomes the limit when you are able to make wagers on skills games as your choices are so much greater. There are skill games for every occasion and every mood, but they are generally broken down into these five categories:

* Arcade games
* Board games
* Puzzle games
* Word games
* Casino skill games

Some of these categories obviously overlap with other games in this genre, there is no hard and fast fixed rules as to what precisely constitutes a skills game or how a person becomes good at playing them. Many games share similar characteristics and rules, it is just a case of getting to know these. One of the most popular types of online skill games is Mahjong. The tiles game is played worldwide for cash and there is even a Mahjong Series of Poker.

Playing online skill games for money is really very simple, you have to register and account at an online games site, make a deposit and play. Often there are a variety of games levels with buy in prices on offer, so you can generally play for pennies or much larger amounts. Many online skill games sites offer the new player an opportunity to take up a cash bonus when they make a deposit. This is great as it immediately boosts your bankroll and allows you to practice in order to hone your skills. If you win, often you are actually able to withdraw your winnings on the same day, but if not, it will be within the space of seven days, so you don’t have to worry about waiting an eternity to withdraw winnings.

As we mentioned earlier you don’t have to compete against anyone or play for money. Online skills games sites also offer plenty of free games and playing these is another way to practice till you become good at a game before you play for cash prizes. Many players of online skills games play for free or at cheaper prices until they become really good at a game and go for the larger prizes or tournaments on offer. Real money playing is far more exciting when you are comfortable with the skills level you have achieved.

A couple of examples of the more popular skills games you can find online are Backgammon, Spades, Gin rummy, Tonk and Yahtzee. In Backgammon the movement of the piece controlled by the throw of a dice and the player who gets rid of all their checkers first is the winner. Spades is a trick card game which is very similar to hearts. The player who has the highest ranked card at the end of the game is the winner and at skills games sites you are able to play head to head spades.

The objective of Gin Rummy is to collect a hand of sets and runs. Unmatched cards are called deadwood and you are awarded points based on the amount of deadwood in your opponents hand, two player Gin Rummy is great fun. Tonk has also become known as “Tunk”, the objective is to collect hands of sets and runs and “drop” if you have a lower points hand than your opponent, (or think you have). This is a fast paced game and it is enjoyed by everyone who plays it. Yahtzee is a dice game; this game consists of thirteen rounds where you roll the dice in thirteen categories, much like poker, but if you get five of a kind then you make Yahtzee and become a winner.

I could go on and on telling you about all the different skills games that are available online, but I believe this will take the voyage of discovery out of finding these games and trying them out. Online skills games sites are just brimming with different games and there is only one way to enjoy these, go there and play, if you like it you know, if you don’t you also know! But good luck and have great fun trying.



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