My friends all laughed when I told them I was killing the casinos with a craps "System", but when they saw how MUCH I was winning they shut up quickly...

Amazing Craps Secret!
Whether you are a novice craps player or a seasoned veteran, this system will have you walking up to your next craps table with the confidence to walk away with the casino's money...

Fellow Craps Player!

We have developed a powerful yet simple method of winning on a consistent basis at the craps table. We are winning most sessions at local brick-and-mortar casinos and simply killing it at online casinos. Online casinos give us the advantage of playing online craps much more quickly and therefore placing many more bets in a short amount of time. Power Craps is the last craps system you will ever need.

Win on "Hot", "Cold" or Even "Choppy" Tables

Power Craps is designed to accomplish two things; produce consistent profits during all cycles of the game and take full advantage of any hot streaks (long run of numbers). Here's what Power Craps will do for you...

  • Produce consistent profits during all cycles of the game
  • Takes FULL advantage of any and all "Hot" streaks
  • Remains flexible taking advantage of the "Do" and "Don't" side of the game
  • Takes advantage of the mathematical tendencies of the game of craps
  • Have you heading to the cashiers cage over and over again

Unique and Powerful Power Swapping Procedures

The dynamic Power Swapping procedures described in detail in Power Craps will put you in position to take full advantage of streaks on both the "do" and "don't" sides of the game and most importantly, frequently producing profits while waiting for these streaks to occur. All aspects of the game are covered from the basics of craps to sound money management and of course the Power Craps procedures.

The Power Craps manual includes the following chapters...

  1. Chapter One: The Basics of Craps - A detailed craps tutorial.

  2. Chapter Two: The Power Craps Method - The Power Craps method along with the mathematics of craps, hot, choppy and cold cycle analysis, keys to successful craps play, Don't Pass and Don't Come betting procedures and charts, Place Bet and Come Bet betting procedures and charts as well as a complete Power Craps overview.

  3. Chapter Three: The Principles of Successful Gambling - The three fundamental principles of successful gambling, discipline, money management and a thorough knowledge of the game are explained.

  4. Chapter Four: The Best Online Casinos for Power Craps - We have tested Power Craps on most of the top rated online casinos and we show you which ones work best.

  5. Chapter Five: Glossary of Craps Terms - A comprehensive listing of all craps terms used within Power Craps.

Why Do Most Systems Fail?

Studies have shown that craps tables run either "Cold" or "Choppy" most of the time. Even with this knowledge in hand, most craps systems have their players begin play on the "do" side of the game with a Pass Line bet. As a result, these system's players start off with a loss and must play the rest of the session "chasing" losses. The Power Craps method is an entirely unique approach to the game of craps.

Does Power Craps Really Work?

Don't take our word for it... See what some of our clients have to say....

"All the bets and moves you make are backed by statistical reasons and I would say that it is the best Craps strategy that I've read so far. Power Craps provides a great background understanding and I really felt in control when I stepped to the Craps table." — Todd Bermensolo

"I found it very very easy to read and understand. It doesn't confuse you with technical jargon and will be possible to implement for anyone - even those without no prior knowledge of the game. For the more experienced like myself it is equally valuable. I found that the strategy considerably improved my performance at the table and I have been using Power Craps at the table ever since I read it. Many Thanks" Adam Lapish

"I'm really excited about your system. I haven't lost on the computer yet. Do you ever lose with it?" Sheila

These are just a few of the unsolicited testimonials from players that have tried Power Craps and had great success - just like you will.

Power Craps has been sold online for over 15 Years!

We would not still be here selling this winning system if we were not producing excellent results.

Still Not Convinced?

We're so sure that you will be successful using Power Craps that we're offering an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Try Power Craps for thirty days. Read the simple step by step instructions, practice at home then try it out for real at any casino. If you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us via email within thirty days for a no questions asked refund.

If you've tried other craps systems on the market today and have found that their claims of "riches" have been less than spectacular...


Power Craps is available for purchase online through PayPal. The entire transaction is conducted on PayPal's secure server. The process is quick, simple and totally secure. You will receive your copy of Power Craps by email shortly after your purchase. To purchase Power Craps, click the "Buy Now" link below.

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