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Online Backgammon is the hottest gambling craze on the internet right now. Backgammon, like poker, offers players with skill a huge advantage over new and less sophisticated players. We've put together an online backgammon guide to teach our valued visitors how to play the game. We also provide articles to improve your game and have you winning money at the online backgammon rooms.

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Our backgammon guide is broken down into the following categories:

1) Backgammon History - a brief introduction to game of backgammon.

Backgammon is the oldest known game in history that has been recorded. It is believed all around the world that the game originated in the ancient Mesopotamia. Backgammon was played on a wooden board for a table, stones or small rocks as men, and numbered dice made from either wood, pottery, stones or bones.

2) Backgammon Setup - an overview of the setup of a backgammon board.

The game of Backgammon is meant for two players and it is played on a board which consists of 24 triangles called “Points”. The narrow triangles are grouped into 6 triangles in each quadrant of the board. There are 4 quadrants on the board, 2 on each side and the triangles alternate in color (to help with the counting of the moves).

3) Backgammon Object - explains the object of the game of backgammon.

The object of the game on backgammon is for a player to move all of his men into his own home board and then take them off the board (called “bear off” which will be explained later). The first player to “bear off” all of his men will win the game.

4) Movement of Backgammon Men - explains how the men are moved throughout the playing of the game.

The game starts by throwing one die by each of the players. This decides which player will go first and the numbers that are to be played. If the same number comes up, then the players are to roll again until they roll different numbers. The player throwing the higher number now moves his men according to the numbers showing on both dice. After the first roll, the players throw the dice on their respective turn. The player is to move his men across the points, or pips according to the roll of the dice. The men are always moved forward to a lower-numbered point towards your home court.

5) Hitting and Entering - explains the terms "hitting" and "entering" as they apply to the game of backgammon.

A “blot” is a single man of either color occupying a single point. If the opposite player moves his man to land on that “blot”, then that is called a “hit” and the blot is removed and placed on the “bar”.

6) Bearing Off - explains the term "bearing off" and how it applies to the game of backgammon.

Bearing off is possible once a player has moved all of his men into his own home board. To bear off, a player must take out any man that corresponds to the number of the dice. For example, rolling a 5 allows the player to remove a man from the five point.

Using our guide, you can learn everything you need to know about the game of backgammon.


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