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Let It Ride

Let it Ride is also sometimes referred to as Vegas – Let it Ride or Poker Ride. It is not easy to beat the odds in this game of poker, but as with all games of poker, learning to play is a good start. Poker is really a game of skill so learning strategies to play will definitely get you the best odds in Let it Ride. There are two essential elements necessary to play this moderately simple game, one is time, the other is money.

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This game was presented to casinos in 1993 by Shuffle Master. This is the company that makes automatic card shuffling machines. Players do not play against each other or the dealer, they play against the casino and this allows for potentially very high payouts.

How to Play Let it Ride

Similar to that of a Blackjack table, there are three spaces on a Let it Ride Poker table, they are marked 1, 2 and $. The player has to place three equal bets in all of these three spaces. The game is played with a five card hand and when this hand is revealed, if it is a winner, pay-outs depend on the casino. However card rankings are the same as any other poker game with the highest ranking hand being the Royal Flush. The next ranking is a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair and one pair.

After all the players have made their decisions the dealer will turn up the first of the two community cards which is in front of the dealer. This card is used as the forth card for all the player’s hands. You now have the option of taking down your second bet or letting it ride. You may take down the second bet even if you let the first bet ride but you can not take down or put the first bet back up.

After all the players make their decision for the second bet, the dealer will turn up the second community card. This card completes the five-card hand for every player. At this point the dealer will pay all the winning bets according to the pay table below.

Let it Ride Rules

The dealer deals three cards to each player and himself, after each player has received his cards the dealer discards one of the cards he has dealt to himself, leaving two cards face down on the table. In Let it Ride the player is playing against the casino and not the dealer. The dealers cards are the two cards that makes up the players five card hand. The player needs to get 10’s or higher in order to stay in the game. He looks at his cards and decides if he should pull back one of his three bets. If he decides not to it is known as “Let it Ride”.

Once each player has made a decision regarding his own bets, and the dealer has moved the bets (remember never to move your own bets, the dealer has to push them back to you). The accepted way to take back your bet is by scraping your cards towards you on the table. The dealer will then turn one of his two cards over. Judging by the card the dealer has revealed the player is required to re-evaluate his position and he is able to take back his second bet, or again Let it Ride. Once each player has decided, the dealer will again move the wagers appropriately. He then reveals his second card, and this will determine your own five card hand.

Based on standard poker rules, if your hand is not a pair of 10’s or better you will lose the game and your money. Most casinos have a similar payment criteria in this game and you are paid 1000 – 1 for a royal flush, 200 – 1 for a straight flush, 50 – 1 for four of a kind, 15 – 1 for a full house, 8 – 1 for a flush, 5 – 1 for a straight, 3 – 1 for three of a kind and 2 – 1 for two pair and 1 – 1 for 10’s or better. If the casino you are playing with has a bonus system, this is paid at the same time as you are paid your winnings.

Bonuses are optional to the casino you are playing in, the cost of this wager is generally based on the minimum and maximum bet on the table. The play is a completely separate to Let it Ride and is based on the pair-plus system used in three card poker, so winnings are determined by the three cards you hold in your hand and not the cards turned over by the dealer.

Online Let it Ride

Because the game of let it ride has been in circulation in land based casinos since the 1990’s, it was only natural that it would progress to being played online. It is an extremely popular online poker game as the potential for large pay-outs is good. Players do not play against the dealer or each other and this creates and air of companionships between players that lends itself well to the online form of the game. It is moderately easy to learn and the correct strategy will have you enjoying yourself immensely in very little time.

Quick Strategy for Let it Ride

Playing strategy in Let it Ride entails trying to get the best odds possible out of the game. The way in which you do this is by assessing your cards carefully and hedging your bets, or what is known as pulling your bets. If your hand does not meet the criteria of 10’s or better then pull your first bet. Also pull your bet if you hand does not look as though it will make any three cards to a royal flush or a straight flush with a four card spread if one or more cards is higher than 10. Pull you second bet if your hand does not have 10’s or better or shows four cards to a flush or a straight. If the bonus bet is available, it is recommended that you place at least a $5 wager.


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