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If you are familiar with any lotto, you already know a lot of what you need to know to play keno. Keno is similar to lotto only it offers better odds and more frequent games. The drawback to playing keno is the whopping house advantage of around 30 percent!



The game consists of three major components; the keno ticket, the ball hopper or cage and a display board.  In it's simplest terms, the game works like this:

  • - Players mark from 1 to 20 spots on a ticket.

  • - A machine of some type selects 20 balls at random, out of 80.  Each ball is marked with a number from 1 to 80.

  • - The 20 selected numbers are displayed on the display board.

  • - Players can win if enough of the spots selected on their ticket match the balls drawn.

Almost every winning combination for keno has odds of greater than 10:1 and most are in the 100:1 range or beyond. Players can usually participate in a game of keno in several locations throughout the casino, but the game is actually "played" in the Keno Lounge.

The Keno Lounge usually consists of chairs, tables or desks in rows facing the display board. The display board shows eighty numbers with the ones selected highlighted. Bets are made in the area below the board using markers that usually look like crayons.

Mark your cards, place your bet and watch the results of the draw. That's all there is to it!  Of course there are some other nagging details such as wagering, payouts, odds, etc.  For this information we will have to get a little more in depth, so read on by choosing the appropriate topic from the list below and start playing keno today.


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