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Casino Scratch Cards

Instant win games are seen on virtually all online bingo, casino and betting sites, they are a popular addition to the suite of games available on all these sites, as they are cheap, simple to play and of course you win instantly! These games have devolved to internet gaming sites out of the old fashioned scratch cards that we are still able to buy in the supermarket or corner shop, in fact they are a very close relative indeed

Instant Win Game Dawn of the Bread Image

Effectively you are provided with an instant game card. It is generally themed on something topical, such as a TV show, film, cartoon or some similar genre, they are exciting and generally comical in nature. You are given a number of choices of squares, windows, ice cubes, whatever, to play you click on these to reveal the symbols beneath and if you are lucky enough o manage to match three (usually three anyway) matching symbols you win.

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Instant Win Game Dawn of the Bread Image

Dawn of the Bread

If you are a fan of the pulp horror movie genre then you will probably has watched the film “Shan of the Dead”, if you have you will love “Dawn of the Bread”. This instant win is themed on all things ghoulish and symbols feature human hearts, false teeth, rats, eyeballs and creepy crawlies. In a post-apocalyptic world the zombies have taken over and they are the ones baking our bread (urgh!), we are only a few human survivors, but never fear Dawn is here and she will be baking bread for you. Take bites out of the mini loaves and reveal three eye-balls to win a huge 10 000 multiplier on your wager. To my mind the false teeth are the creepiest thing in this game, but you might differ quite radically.

Play Dawn of the Bread - No US Players

Instant Win Game Dragons Fortune Graphic

Dragons Fortune

Dragon’s Fortune instant win scratchcard at All Slots Casino can be played for free or for real. In the timeless land of China where mystery and legend still abound, the dragon ins on of the most revered symbols of wealth and prosperity. There he lies in wait for you to offer you good fortune and luck. As the dragon shoot pearls of wisdom from his mouth onto the scales of luck, if two pearls match you may win up to 20 times your wager. This is a lovely oriental themed instant win game, so watch while the ancient magical dragon releases the pearls of fortune and you could be a very big winner in this game. The pearls carry similar symbols to those you find on Mahjong chips so watch them carefully and good fortune may just be your new found friend.

Play Dragons Fortune  - No US Players

Freezing Fuzzballs Screenshot

Freezing Fuzzballs

Freezing Fuzzballs is another instant win game that will have you melting away the ice blocks from around some really cold yet cuddly looking creatures. Symbols include seals, penguins, whales, Eskimos and a rather irate looking fox who looks like he got lost from the film lot of “Ice Age”. There is also another creature and I can’t quite make out what he is, but if you reveal three of them you will earn a 100 times multiplier on your wager. Essentially winter has arrived and these creatures need you to release them from their icy prison, if you do and you match them in threes, you could win from twice the price of your wager to 2 500 times your wager, if you get those three frozen Eskimos thawed out. Apparently these crazy little fuzz balls will just melt your heart.

Play Freezing Fuzzballs  - No US Players

Golden Ghouls Picture

Golden Ghouls

If you want to have monster fun then the Golden Ghouls instant win game is the one for you. This game can be found at All Slots Casino and it is super fun to play. Symbols feature the ever present Couth Dracula and his minions, including the mummy, the werewolf, the hunchback of Notre dam, Frankenstein’s monster and another ghoulish looking chappie who I am not quite sure of. They all make up the most ghoulish soccer side you have ever seen. But scratching off the silver panels you are able to reveal the ghouls lurking below, if you get three matching mummies you win a 250 times multiplier on your wager. Find out now if Wolfy can “tear” into the defense or if Frankie can defend the goal in Golden Ghouls.

Play Golden Ghouls  - No US Players

Slam Funk Instant Game Image

Slam Funk

The instant win scratchcard Slam Funk is available at All Slots Casino. I have to admit that I wasn’t too keen to try out this game, not being a basketball fan. It is described as being a game involving the funkiest basketball team ever being about to shoot some hoops on the dance floor, but I had a whole load of other instant games to try out and I thought why not? Well I can tell you it is great fun, and I don’t know why it was so easy for me to win, perhaps because I was placing ₤10 bets, but within no time I had won ₤400, pity I was playing the free game! Buy really guys just scratch the panels and match up three groovy characters and you can win 250 times your wager. Talk about disco crazy, and the animation is great too.

Play Slam Funk  - No US Players

Super Zeros Graphic

Super Zeros

Instant win games or scratchcards are themed games with allow players to reveal what is hidden below the blocks, with Super Zeroes you will reach for the skies as you discover a whole bunch of the most appalling super heroes of all time. It is hardly surprising they are called “Super Zeros!” You will find yourself asking “is it a plane, is it a bird?” nope it those Super Zeros, bungling their attempts to save the world again! But regardless of the zany crew of bunglers, this instant game has huge prizes on offer, all you have to do is reveal three matching Magginetik symbols and you could win as much as 10 000 times your wager. I’ll bet my money that not even Super Man could do that for you!

Play Super Zeros  - No US Players

Wild Champion Picture

Wild Champions

If you are feeling energetic and you fell like going a little wild, why not try your luck at playing a more athletic type of scratchcard instant win game? Wild Champions might just be the game. You are able to try it out for free so you don’t even have to wager any money if you just feel like playing for the sake of having fun. It is time to see who is the King of the beasts but there isn’t a lion in this game. You will come up against a monkey (of course) a giraffe, a bear, a snake, a goat and an elephant. But guess which symbol is the highest multiplier? You got it, the cheeky monkey, land three of these and allow him to reveal his wildest most athletic style and you can win 250 times your wager.

Play Wild Champions  - No US Players


The instant games played on bingo and other gaming sites generally have symbols which are multipliers, these multiplier values indicated are on the screen next to a depiction of or underneath the symbol. When you uncover three matching symbols the multiplier is based on the wager you placed in the instant win game. For instance if the multiplier you win on is 25 and your bet is 2 you win 50 which is 25 times your original bet. By the same token if your bet is 10 and you win, you earn 250.

These games are very popular with players who are also playing other games at the same time. For instance if you are playing bingo and you fancy a chance at an instant win game you can call it up on the same screen and play it at the same time as you are playing bingo. Scratchards at online casino and bingo sites are also still available in the same traditional genre, where you remove the covering from the square and a number is revealed beneath it. In fact many online bingo sites offer these free on a daily basis to their customers; I have seen this at Virgin Bingo and various other sites.

Instant games can provide massive prizes, but you have to be prepared to make maximum wagers on these to win large prizes, so you really have to believe your luck is in. Just like bingo they are a completely random game, where you are allowed to buy as many tickets as you like to try to reveal the prizes. Just remember there is no skill involved in playing instant games, winning is pure chance.

There are a huge variety of instant win games available, and really they are just like lotteries in a way. The difference is that you don’t have to wait until the lottery or prize is drawn, you just uncover the squares and if you have won it is there in front of your eyes instantly. The aim of playing these games is complete and utter instant gratification.

Instant games are wonderfully amusing, adults become as excited as children, playing when they scratch their (click their mouse) over squares in a superstitiously lucky sequence, and become really excited if they reveal three matching symbols.

Instant win games not only provide instant cash prizes and though it is hardly unlikely you will be able to retire on an instant game win. They also provide hours of fun because you are able to win more game tickets if you don’t win cash. However it is the anticipation of that instant win that might just precipitate the winner into instant wealth that creates the playing fun, not necessarily the size of the win. If an instant win game player does strike it rich, then more the better for them.

Try them anyway there is only one way to find out how much fun instant games can actually be and this is by playing them. Even if you can’t retire on your winnings you are certainly going to have great fun trying for the elusive big one.



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