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Online Horse Betting in the US

Gamblers living in the United States are left with few options when it comes to gambling on the Internet. With the recent actions against top poker rooms and processors that catered to US players, many gambling establishments have exited the United States altogether. One type of gambling that is often overlooked is online horse race betting. Placing wagers on horse races is  licensed and regulated within the US.

Betfair Horse Betting

In December 2000 Congress amended the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 and expanded the definition of an interstate off-track wager to include pari-mutuel wagers transmitted between states by phone or other electronic media. The revised statute permits interstate pari-mutuel wagering over the phone or any other mode of electronic communication. This includes the Internet as long as the wagers are legal in both states.

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Horse racing is the king of sports. Betting on horse races has thrilled millions of people for centuries. To place a bet on a horse online, you will need to find a reputable website that is backed by a solid company. We have researched the online sites for horse betting and have provided advertisements throughout this section to only the most reputable sites for betting on horses online.

When setting up an account to bet on horses online, be prepared to provide some personal information. Because of regulations of State Racing Commissions in the United States, horse betting websites are required to collect your name, social security number, email and residential information as part of a process to verify the age and address of their members. This process is in place to protect against underage wagering.

Horse bets are placed based on the numbers that are assigned to each horse by the track where they are running. These numbers can be found alongside the names of the corresponding horses within the race program or on the betting website. If a horse is "scratched", this means they have been withdrawn from the race and no wagers will be accepted for this horse.

Horse betting odds are a rough approximation of how much a horse will pay if it wins the race. All monies wagered on a race are counted and placed into pools. A pool is where all of the money wagered on a particular bet are held  pending the out come of the race. These monies will be redistributed to betting patrons that have wagered on the correct outcome. A percentage of the monies within the pool are withheld for taxes, horseman and racetracks.

The size of the bets are determined by the track where the race will be run. Typically, the minimum bet is $1 for all bets. However, .50 trifecta and superfecta box bets can often be placed. The odds are computed using the sales (bets) minus government and and handling taxes. Follow the links at the bottom to learn more about horse racing.



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We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice. It is always best to check your local laws and jurisdictions before placing real money bets. Please consult our legal disclaimer for further information.


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