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 Enjoy Massive Prizes at Butlers Bingo

As well as the life changing amount of money available for you to win at ButlersBingo.com. The Butler is also offering a fantastic Progressive Jackpot prize for those who favour the 75 and 90 ball versions of The Butler's favourite game.


 Understanding Racebook & Horse Race Betting

Racebook, also known as horse race betting is a popular pastime all over the world. People love watching racehorses and placing their bets in hopes of winning big money. Beginners to the racebook may not understand all the terms associated with this pastime. Here are some common terms and definitions to help you understand racebook and horse race betting.


 Various Types of Online Casinos

At a quick glance, one may think if he’s seen one online casino he’s seen them all, but that’s hardly the case. There are several different types of online casinos out there pushing their own personal style. Independent online casinos are few and far between these days. At the beginnings of the online gambling rush, there were many such operations but some of them went under while others joined more powerful networks to keep their competitive edge and to stay alive that way.


 Problem Gambling – A Real Hurdle in the Path of Legal Online Gambling

Obsessive-compulsive gambling is something the majority of online gamblers will just shrug off, but it is indeed a real and serious problem, one that is among the hurdles that need to be overcome before online gambling can be legalized. Those who have experienced problem gambling will tell you that the problem is an intricate one, and it is extremely difficult to define and treat. Indeed, just like drinking, compulsive gambling is difficult to even recognize, and while the first step in the healing process is indeed the admission of the problem, in the case of problem gambling, there is no clear boundary over which problem gambling resides.


 The Biggest Obstacle in the Path of Legal Online Gambling: Indian Tribes

The DOJ’s reassessment of the Wire Act has cleared a lot of the mist that surrounded the legal status of online poker and online gambling and it has pretty much opened the way for states to either elaborate their own online gambling regulations or to adopt the Nevada regulations and legalize online gambling for good. While some states may opt out of the setup, an eventual federal gambling bill may also be in the books, and that is a possibility which has Indian Tribes up in arms.


 Online Casino Gambling Tips

Online casino gambling carries a bunch of advantages over land based casino action. That doesn’t mean though that online gamblers are guaranteed to win – far from it. While the house edge is much smaller in an online casino than in a land-based operation, it is still there and it still works against the player. Unlike in poker, where the edges can be turned around on skill alone, in casino gambling – with few exceptions – that can’t really be done. The fact however that online casinos give players sign-up bonuses, poker rake back - like loyalty deals and various promotions means that the house edge will indeed be much smaller online than in live casinos.


 Blackjack Tips For 2012

Blackjack is one of the most frequently-played casino games for a good reason: it is one of the games where players can actively take measures against the house edge, through skill, perseverance and focus. Some live blackjack players can even turn the house edge around but that’s something for a different article. What can the average gambler do to protect his blackjack odds? It all starts when you walk into the casino. The cavalcade of bright lights, the sounds, the apparent sense of urgency in everything that goes on – it’s all designed to put pressure on you and thus to make sure your state of mind is not an optimal one.

 Prescott confirms Hooray and Motrice Royal Ascot participation

The shrewder than shrewd Sir Mark Prescott has confirmed that both his smart sprinter Hooray and exciting young stayer Motrice are intended runners at next week's glittering Royal Ascot five-day racing spectacular, writes Elliot Slater. Last term Hooray proved herself just about the best juvenile filly in the country, winning the Group 2 Lowther Stakes at York in August before following up in the Group 3 Sirenia Stakes at Kempton the following month.


 Gosden planning two-pronged assault on Epsom Derby

John Gosden has yet to win a Derby but the eloquent Newmarket handler will be hoping he can spring something of a surprise on more high profile contenders when he saddles Masked Marvel and Nathaniel in Saturday's eagerly anticipated renewal of the world's greatest Flat race, writes Elliot Slater.


  Insurance in Blackjack

Insurance is a protection bet when the dealer is showing an ace as the up card. When this happens the dealer will ask you if you want to take insurance. When you are playing online in a casino like the zero lounge a virtual voice will speak to you and say, "insurance." Read More...


 Baccarat – How to Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the easiest Jackpot Party casino games to play online. The game is played with two hands of two cards. One hand is assigned to the player and the other hand is assigned to the dealer. All cards are worth their face value with the exception of an ace, which is worth one and any picture card, which are worth zero. The name of the game is to get a score as close to nine as possible. When combining the totals your final score must be in single digits. Read More...


 Online Casino Gambling Tips and Advice

For those considering using a online casino, please read on for some tips and advice on selecting the right casino for you and what to look out for to avoid any pitfalls. It is no small wonder that online casinos have become so incredibly popular. They offer all the excitement of a real casino without having to dress for the occasion. Read More...


 Ask the Questions - Don't Answer Them

As you move up through the various stakes of poker, both online and live, one attribute begins to become more and more common between the players and that is aggression. When we talk about aggression in the poker sense of the word we are not talking about shouting and being threatening but instead we are referring to betting and raising instead of simply calling the bets of others. Read More...


 How to Handle Overly Aggressive Poker Players

This is one of the daunting tasks that are faced mainly by the beginners. Most overly aggressive poker players are often known as the loose players and their game play is usually the loose-aggressive game style. But it’s not always the case that all loose-aggressive players are beginners. Read More...


 Virtual Bingo | Playing Virtual Bingo Can Be Satisfying and Exciting

Playing virtual bingo can certainly be satisfying and exciting; yet it’s important to assess some of the fundamentals of online betting before diving in headfirst. The throngs of online betting sites, and indeed online bingo sites, can sometimes cause confusion as to which one to use. It’s recommended that one should explore bingo forums and chat rooms in order to gauge which websites players advocate and endorse. Read More...


 5 Reasons to Play at an Online Casino Instead of a Land Based Casino

There are several reasons why people have found it better to play online casinos instead of the land based casinos. In this article I will point out the five major reasons why people prefer playing online. Read More...


 Benefits of Reading Online Poker Reviews

Selecting an online poker room might seem very easy but at some point this can be a very difficult task. Selecting a poker room is one of the most difficult tasks faced by the beginners and they tend not to know where to start. Sometimes these new online players are lured by several online poker rooms claiming to offer the best services and this causes a lot of confusion for the new players. Read More...


 Press Release: All Slots Casino Offers Winter Games Action With New Promotion

All Slots Online Casino, a proud member of the Jackpot Factory Group and a leading online slots casino, presents a new casino promotion based on a winter sports theme called the $50,000 Olympian Playoffs. The promotion will take place at the casino between February 9th and March 7th, 2010.


 Progressive Slots

Every gambler has a dream. You know it all too well because you have that dream yourself. It’s the one where you have the big win, you buy the Ferrari, light up a cigar and drive off down the empty California superhighways to your beach bound destiny. However, it often seems that the dream can’t be realised playing the slots as many machines simply do not offer the massive jackpots.


 Online Roulette – What to Look for Before Playing

Roulette has a tradition which dates way back in the past, and it is a very popular and fun casino game. Casinos are not created the same, and every casino has different roulette tables. And with this, the game is played differently also.


 Free Bingo

There are many different reasons why people choose to play online Bingo. The main element is thought to be the excitement of possibly winning some great prizes or, even better, a substantial jackpot of cash. Many players also enjoy it as a leisure pursuit that provides a way to unwind from a busy day, and socialize in the Chat Rooms that are a ubiquitous feature in the best online Bingo sites.


 Psychology of Online Gambling

Overall, the internet has become second nature to most people all around the world. For the most part people are using the internet almost every day, even several times a day throughout a regular week. Since the explosion of internet popularity there have been several online business models that have been very successful and those that have become very popular as well. Quite obviously one of those models is the idea of an online casino.




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