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Caribbean Stud Glossary of Terms


Ace-King - A five card hand whereas the the total value is less than a pair but contains an Ace and a King

Ante Bet - This is where the mandatory initial bet is placed prior to the dealing of the hand

Ante Box - The area in front of the raise bet box where the player's ante bet is placed

Bonus Payout - The amount paid to a player when the dealer qualifies and the player has placed a raise bet. This is not the progressive jackpot payout

Fold - When a player chooses to surrender their hand instead of making a raise bet to continue

Progressive Bet - This bet is made prior to the dealing of the hand and indicates that the player wishes to participate in the progressive jackpot bet. The bet is $1 and is placed above the ante bet wager spot

Progressive Jackpot - The total amount of money currently available on the jackpot meter. This amount varies from casino to casino and day-to-day

Progressive Payout Schedule - The amount the casino will pay to qualifying hands for players that have placed the progressive bet

Progressive Slot - The slotted area of the playing table where a player places their $1 progressive jackpot bet

Push - A hand whereas the dealer and the player tie. Neither the player nor the dealer wins when this occurs

Upcard - The one card the dealer places face up for the entire table to see once the cards have been dealt


Now you can speak the "lingo" while seated at the Caribbean Stud Poker table.


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