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Online Craps

The game of casino craps is played with two dice with each die having six sides. The numbers on each die run from one to six. Thus, with two dice in play, the lowest number that can be rolled is two and the highest number that can be rolled is twelve. These two dies have thirty-six possible combinations that can be rolled. Our dice combinations table displays all the possible combinations that the dice can produce.

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While playing either online craps or craps in a casino, only one player at the table has control of the game at one time. The result of his or her throws determines the payoffs of all the bettors at the table. The option to shoot the dice follows a clockwise fashion, with each player in turn having an opportunity to roll. The shooter remains in control of the game as long as he or she does not roll a seven after the point has been established. Players do not have to shoot the dice when their turn comes, they may choose to pass the opportunity to roll to the next player in turn.


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When a new shooter is ready to begin throwing the dice, the stickman (craps table personnel) pushes five or six dice towards him or her with a stick. The shooter selects two dice and the others are returned to the stickman. The shooter must make a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass Line bet prior to rolling the dice. He or she is then able to throw the dice on the layout, preferably hitting the walls on the opposite end of the table. Failure to throw the dice the entire length of the table will probably cause the boxman to admonish the shooter to throw them harder. Of course, this is not a problem when playing online craps.

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The come-out roll is the most important roll in the game of craps, since it determines the point that must be repeated before a seven is rolled. A come-out roll occurs under the following conditions:

  • When a previous shooter has rolled a seven-out.

  • When a new shooter is throwing the dice for the first time.

  • When a shooter has rolled a seven or eleven on a previous come-out roll.

  • When a shooter has rolled a craps (2, 3 or 12) on a previous come-out roll.

  • When a shooter has repeated a point without rolling a seven.

  • Playing craps at an online casino evokes the same exhilaration as playing craps in Vegas or any other land based casino. The graphics for the online version are state of the art and players feel like they are playing at their favorite local casino. It's time to get on a dream roll and win all of the casino's money now playing online craps.


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