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Asgard, according to Norse lore and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), is home to the legendary gods like Thor and Oden. These terms may not even need an introduction if you are a fan of either as they are characters of harrowing and exciting tales. Even the sneaky Loki lives on Asgard. The Asgardian Stones slot features powerful figures that could reward you with riches beyond your dreams if you prove yourself worthy.


Asgardian Stones General Info


This fantasy slot displays 5 reels and 20 paylines, the standard format of video slots. This visually striking game also features ominous music that adds to the mood of the slot as players approach the stones that could reward them handsomely. The stones are covered in brightly coloured symbols that need to be arranged in suitable combinations. There are bonuses and other incentives that the gods have in store.


NetEnt Slot Developers


Net Entertainment, leaders within the slot industry, has done it again with this fun slot. NetEnt is known for creating quality slots that are hits with players and Asgardian Stones doesn’t disappoint. The mood and atmosphere they have created are perfect for the slot and keep players immersed in the gameplay and glued to the screen. Exciting bonus features such as the jackpot make this slot too enticing not to take for a spin.


Developer: NetEnt

Features: Free Spins Bonus, Jackpot, Multipliers, Bonus Rounds

RTP: 96%

Paylines: 20

Min Bet: 0.2

Max Bet: 200




The bright symbols help players to keep their eyes on the 5-reels. The symbols of this game are made up of letters and the faces of the Norse gods. The gods have higher values than the letters and are worth bigger prizes if they are matched. The cascading reels are refreshing and give this slot a unique feel. With each new round, the reels cascade and new symbols are placed on the reels, replacing the ones that fall off the reels.


Asgardian Stones Special Features


The trickery that the gods are known for is present in this slot as there are bonuses that help players on their journey, only if they can unlock them. There are two bonus rounds that are waiting to be unlocked by the right players.

Colossal Crunch – This bonus feature involves the fact that the game symbols cannot all fit onto their lines. There are larger symbols that can help players earn substantial prizes, as well as, unlock the bonus round, Colossal Crunch. This bonus round involves giant symbols that smash through the board and add coins to the jackpot.

Bonus Wheel – If you can land three Bonus Wheel symbols anywhere on the reels then this bonus game is unlocked. The round involves spinning a wheel at a chance to win multipliers and free spins.


The Verdict


This slot is harrowing, heroic, adventurous, rewarding, but most of all, Asgardian Stones is fun. The legendary theme is interesting and provides striking symbols and matching visuals that stimulate the senses. This slot will have anyone playing for hours on end as the immersive gameplay and exciting bonus features are spectacular features that make this slot stand out among the rest. NetEnt has created a unique and exciting slot that deserves a test spin.



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