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Playing online slots is something millions are familiar with. Slots, commonly referred to as slots, are a certain promise of immense enjoyment. You can explore numerous and often very creative themes and get a real chance to win.

The enjoyment part of the deal, however, is often contingent on how much you can win. After all, most players aren’t playing just for laughs or to kill time. Their expectations are to win – and the more, the better.

The matter is complicated by the incredible choice of slots every player is presented with. New ones keep popping up, designed by companies whose names stand for quality and perfection. As a result, you are left wondering about the best slot to choose.

The great news is, there are always ways to narrow down the pool and pick just the right slot. All you need is to know what to look out for to make the search for those big win slots a lot more productive.


The mighty RNG: picking the right casino


RNG is possibly the term you will come across more than once. It stands for Random Number Generator and has a very important role. This is a special program that generates numbers, each one corresponding to the symbols on the reels.

The RNG scope might seem like a mystery, but a good online casino gets audited regularly to ensure there is no cheating involved at any point. The role of the RNG is to make all outcomes random and rule out cheating.

Only playing at a trustworthy and properly licensed online casino can you ensure that. Make sure you are choosing a worthy and reliable casino. A good example would be FanDuel Casino live. This online casino popular with players adheres to the strictest standards of fairness and RNG use.


Don’t be fooled by claims or promises


A ritzy progressive jackpot machine or an unpretentious slot? Which one would be your pick? While progressive jackpot games have always enjoyed quite high popularity with players, this is not the only way to win big.

The biggest prize does not mean better chances – in fact, it’s quite the other way around. You may be surprised to learn most of the big wins happen to players enjoying an accidental game on a slot they haven’t even heard of before.

While spotting an underdog machine is not quite possible online, it’s worth keeping in mind all slots are essentially the same. Strip off all the glitter and amazing graphics, and you’ve got boring combinations ruled by the mighty RNG.


Know your slot’s RTP and variance



What’s RTP?


The term RTP stands for “return to player” and is shown as percent values. A slot with an RTP of 98% means it will pay out 98 dollars for every 100 dollars spent. This elusive factor is just as important to consider as the variance.


What’s variance?


Variance is a closely related term that often gets mistaken for RTP. Low variance means you will get smaller hits but more frequently. That means enjoying the game for longer but with lower returns.


And here is how the two are related


High variance means bigger wins, but you will get hits less frequently. Also, a lot of the RTP quoted for the slot is shifted towards the bonus rounds. As a result, you will not be getting as many wins in the base game as you’d probably like.

A good example of a slot with a decent RTP combined with medium variance is Thunderstruck II. If you want low variance and an even higher RTP – Big Bad Wolf might be a good fit for you.

If you are looking to simply enjoy the process for as long as possible without burning through your bankroll in five minutes, low variance slots are just what you need. You will get plenty of bonus features and frequent payouts to keep going for a while. The best part is, you can win big.


Use bonuses to maximize your wins


Generally speaking, when playing slots, you are likely to win the biggest when betting as much as possible. In many if not all cases, the amount you win will depend on how much you bet. This is especially true about progressive jackpots.

Therefore, it always makes sense to check for bonus availability. Many casinos will offer a nice sign-up bonus or a welcome package to match your first deposits. Even though some strings are attached, it’s twice more cash to play with.


Final thoughts


As you can see, picking the best slots to play online comes down to being at a secure law-abiding casino and keeping your eyes peeled for good bonuses and excellent RTPs. With those aspects covered, all that’s left is to rely on your taste. “Whatever looks great” also happens to be a great way to go about it.



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