What are some of the best mobile apps available for online gambling?



If you are younger than 25, you will struggle to remember a time before mobile/cell phones. They will be a part of your everyday existence, as vital to modern life as cars, televisions and computers. For those of us who are a little older, we can still recall how primitive these phones once were. Firstly, they were absolutely huge, and weighed what felt like a few kilos. You were limited to receiving/making calls, or sending/receiving texts, all of which cost you money (no such thing as Whatsapp in those days). They didn’t have a camera, no social media, and there was no connection to the internet, so apps just didn’t exist.


Fast forward 25 years, there is almost no limit to what your phone can do. Not only have developers managed to increase their power and functionality, but they’ve also managed to do it while keeping phones small and light enough to fit in your pocket. It truly is amazing to behold the capabilities of the modern mobile phone.


One of the great innovations since the rise of the smartphone is the vast number of gambling apps that are now available to bettors. The days of having to get dressed, leave the house and visit a betting shop in person are long gone. Now, in the comfort of your own bed, if you so desire, you can search for sports betting sites on your smartphone, and have hundreds of choices available to you, depending on what kind of betting you want to do. It could be betting on live sport that you are interested in, or it could be old fashioned Las Vegas-style casino gambling, on virtual slots or online poker, blackjack or roulette.


Because there are just so many options out there, it can be hard to know which ones to sign up to, and which ones to avoid. We’ll give you some top tips for things to look out for when choosing the best gambling apps, before letting you know what are some of our favorites right now.



Understanding the different offers


Because it is such a competitive market, each betting app needs to stand out from the rest, to grab new customers’ attention, as well as keep their existing clients happy, so that they continue to deposit funds and place bets with them. That’s where the gambling offers and bonuses come in.


These promotions can come in many forms, such as the welcome bonus, where players will be given a free bet or a certain amount of money to use to place bets, just by signing up and entering a few basic details. Then, once you’ve deposited your first amount, if it is of a high enough value, you can then be rewarded again. Other offers could be if you place enough bets in a certain amount of time, you’ll earn a free bet on the house.


If it is casino gambling, then you might earn a number of free spins on a roulette wheel, or a certain amount to bet in a game of blackjack. Make sure you do your research before registering, to make sure the app is able to suit your gambling needs.


Which apps are hot right now, in your area?


Another thing to consider is your location, and what the gambling restrictions are where you live. It can vary from country to country, or in the United States, even state by state. So make sure the app you’ve chosen will work wherever you are located.


In the US, some of the best casino apps would be Las Atlantis or Wild Casino. Las Atlantis has a great deposit bonus, where they’ll give up to 280% of whatever you deposit with them, up to a limit of $14,000. There are of course certain stipulations on what you can bet on with this bonus, but that certainly is a huge amount of cash. Wild Casino has a similar offer, with a 250% bonus worth up to $5,000.


If you want an app that can offer sports betting, as well as the standard casino gambling, then maybe try BetUS, or BetOnline. Both apps offer huge amounts of casino games, as well as markets in pretty much every sport you can think of. They also offer some great deposit bonuses too, which could be worth up to $2,500.


Over in Europe, there are some old favorites such as William Hill, Bet365 or Ladbrokes. All three of these companies have been around for decades, and have some of the best apps for online gambling you’re likely to see. They also offer both sports betting and casino gambling, so whatever it is you’re into, you’ll be able to find a game or sport that will be worth placing bets on.


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