Lucky Player Hits $207,241 Slots Jackpot at Slotland

8 December 2011 (London, UK) – When it went over $200,000 last month Slotland players knew it couldn’t be long before the no download slots site was announcing another slots jackpot winner – and they were right! Last weekend Henry W. won $207,241 playing one of the oldest and most loved slots online, Treasure Box. All Slotland games are tied to the same progressive jackpot but Treasure Box has been luckier than most with four six-figure jackpot winners to date.

Henry W. had read in the Slotland player e-newsletter that the jackpot was getting really big and was overdue for a win. Although he hadn’t played in a few weeks, the time seemed right.

“I’d been taking a break from gambling like I do every once in awhile,” said the winner. “But then I saw about this new Fruitmania slot machine, so I had to try that. And when I saw that jackpot go so long I thought someone had to win it soon and it might as well be me! Course I never really thought it would be me but you never know, do you?”

Although it was the new Fruitmania that drew him back, Henry ended up playing his old favourites as well: Jewels of the Ancients, Jacks or Better and of course Treasure Box.

“The games at Slotland are very different from other places. That’s what I love about them. There is such a variety and each game is very different with special features.”

Treasure Box is an old-style 3-reel, 4 pay line slot machine with a unique bonus fund, the “Treasury”, which increases whenever a Wild symbol is hit. The Treasury is won by spinning the number combination shown below the pay lines. Three Wilds in one line, like Henry got, wins the progressive jackpot.

“I was so pre-occupied with getting the right combination to win that Treasury that I forgot all about that big jackpot waiting to be won – until all of a sudden I won it. Wow – what a feeling!”

Slotland has been providing one-of-a-kind no download slots and video poker slot games to players around the world for more than thirteen years. Some of its 23 instant-play video slots are also available as mobile slots.

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