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Online bingo has exploded in popularity over the past few years. There are currently dozens of online bingo sites with thousands of players having fun, socializing and winning big jackpots. This online bingo section was created to provide our valuable visitors with information about the various bingo online sites including the types of games they offer, screenshots of their software, signup bonuses and much more.


Bingo is one of the most favored games in the UK, not only that, it is a well supported game in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Bingo is the simplest of games to play; this is probably why it is so highly favored. It has also been used historically to raise funds for needy people and community projects such as new roofs for churches and bell towers. Bingo is a popular fund raising activity even today, and many online bingo sites get intensely involved in fund raising activities. This is another reason why playing bingo is looked upon in such a good light.


Online Bingo


As playing bingo has been popular for such a long time, it seemed a natural progression for it to lend itself to play on the internet. Online gaming has been popular since approximately 1996, with the rise in popularity of online poker. However online poker seems to be taking a back seat to online bingo; and online bingo as a form of entertainment has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Why Play Online Bingo?

Online bingo is very similar in nature to bingo played in land based clubs. Essentially the rules remain the same, you buy a ticket, dab the numbers as they are called and shout bingo if you win. Initially many people asked the same question, why play online bingo? The concept just seemed too far fetched to comprehend. But the “why” seems to have turned into a why not? And the demographics of bingo have changed quite remarkably with its transition to the internet.

Online bingo sites offer a valuable social outlet to many people who don’t have the time for more formally social activities. Let’s face it, in this modern world of work, home and children, there is not a great deal of time left to play and socialize. Online bingo can provide this outlet and more. It is entertaining, and all online bingo sites make use of chat rooms where roomies get to know each other, and are able to play chat games as well as instant games while their bingo game is playing through.

This is because of a remarkable innovation known as auto-daub. The auto-daub feature in a game of online bingo allows the player to chat away to his hearts content. It is certainly not a case of eyes-down and mouths shut during online bingo. The auto-daub marks your numbers for you during the course of the game. In most instances it also calls bingo for you when you have a coverall or full house. There is no chance of missing any numbers on your ticket, and in many instances online players don’t know they have won until they see the balance in their account increase, and other players congratulating them.

Online bingo games also feature a pre-purchase option. In other words; you know that there is a huge guaranteed prize coming up at the end of the month. For example a guaranteed ₤10 000! You know that you can’t afford as many tickets into this game as you might like, so you buy a few every week before the game, and by the time the bingo game comes around you have the maximum chance possible of winning this prize. I have seen this happen on more than one occasion. Then again people get so lucky that they win ₤1 000 with a 10p wager. It is all really up to lady luck and how lucky you feel, but tickets can be pre-purchased and you don’t have to attend the game to win. This is great for late-night games or people who work odd hours.

Online Bingo Promotions, Bonuses and Freebies?

The most astonishing thing about online bingo is how much you actually get for free. It is unbelievable, and not in the least bit myth. Online bingo sites have huge competitive edges that they have to maintain. It is important for them to corner market share and everyone out there is offering something for nothing. Some online bingo sites might offer smaller prize money yet larger amounts of free money. While others offer less free money and more of a chance at winning prizes that include life changing amounts of money.

Playing online bingo does not just stop at free money to try out the site; first deposit cash match bonuses, further deposit bonuses and jackpot prize money. It just seems to go on an on. There are loyalty points on offer that can be converted into tangible gifts or more bingo cards. But the absolute ultimate for online bingo is the promotions they offer; these take the form of raffles or draws. Points or entries into these draws are earned, just by playing bingo and other games on these sites.

I have seen some stunning prizes on offer and just to mention a few of the more current promotions, there is a prize for two tickets and three nights in New York to see Central Park at New Year; ₤500 worth of holidays given away every second Thursday. Home appliances, homes themselves in the re-launch of one of the more well established online bingo sites. Kitchen appliances, televisions, home accessories, home makeovers, house cleaning for a year, holidays to the Caribbean, weekends’ in New York, London, Paris and Monte Carlo and even new cars. You name it; online bingo sites have all of these and more on offer in their very special promotions.


The fact that online bingo has grown into such a huge phenomenon it is able to offer prizes of this magnitude, is testament to the fact that it is loved by everyone and is extremely popular. So much so that initially the demographic for online games players in the UK was women in the age group 25 – 40 and acne scarred youths playing Warcraft. However a recent poll showed that 118, 000 UK pensioners played online games for more than 15 hours a week. We don’t know how many of them are playing bingo, but if I were to guess right, it would be a pretty high percentage!

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