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Use THIS Online Casino Wagering Requirements Calculator


One of the most frustrating things about 99% of casino bonuses is the wagering requirements. Sure, we understand that there probably wouldn’t be an online casino market without them, but it’s the complicated wagering systems that some casinos use that infuriates us the most. If you’re not going to allow us to withdraw the winnings straight away, at least make it clear and obvious how it’s done, please!

While many casinos leave us to do the maths, there’s one such site which does the work for us. Casino Professor is an online casino comparison site - taking you through numerous reviews, bonuses, free spins and more. However, it also looks to help gamers out with useful guides containing hints and tips on how to optimise your gaming sessions. One such piece is a guide to wagering requirements - and it has a very nifty feature included!

Calculate Wagering Requirements Thanks to Casino Professor

The entire article is incredibly detailed. After starting off by explaining what wagering requirements are, the piece launches into a comprehensive overview of the entire subject - with mock examples painting you a picture. However, the most popular reason for visiting is the wagering requirements calculator which is embedded about halfway through.

All you need to do is input a bit of information about the bonus itself and then the tool will do all the sums for you:

Deposit amount: However much you deposited

Bonus amount: The exact bonus money you received

Wagering: The number of times to be wagered

Bonus and/or Deposit?: Select whether the wagering is for just the bonus or both the deposit + bonus

Contribution: Indicate how much the game/slot you’re playing contributes to the wagering (see more below).

As this calculator uses only numbers, it works for all currencies - just add yours to the number it provides! And don’t worry, a walkthrough video has been uploaded in case you get stuck.

This is a screenshot. Click on the image to use the actual wagering requirements calculator.

Watch Those Weightings!

What about “contribution”? Well, each casino can restrict or eliminate specific slots from counting towards the overall wagering. The way they do this is by stating the contribution each game makes in a percentage. You can find this information in the general and/or bonus terms and conditions.


Example: A slot has a wagering contribution of 50%. This means for every €1 you bet on this slot using bonus money, the casino will consider €0.50 of the total amount to have been wagered.

In terms of a real-life casino, let’s take one of the most popular - Casumo. They stipulate exactly how each type of game is weighted on their site (see screenshot below), while also listing the few Slots that do not count anything towards the wagering. You can read more on this and find their current wagering requirements in the Casino Professor’s Casumo Casino review.

Find a Special No Wagering Casino Here Too!

If all of this wagering/calculating talk is putting you off, there is a very good alternative.

That’s because some sites come as a no wagering casino. This means that certain bonuses (or sometimes every one!) will have no such obligations attached - so whatever you win is yours to keep!

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