The Winning Proposition

The Winning Proposition is a method of craps play which will allow you to attack the casino's chips stacks with practically no risk involved. You will have an eighty-three percent chance, on each of your first two rolls, to play this system on the casino's money. This is a very easy system to learn and play yet it's extremely effective.

The game of craps is an action packed game where fortunes can be won or lost on a single roll of the dice. Don't let your fortune pass you by, act now and buy The Winning Proposition. This system will show you step-by-step how to make the plays that could make you a lot of money in a few rolls of the dice.

With The Winning Proposition you will not need to learn tables or charts and you will not have to learn the odds of all the numbers that can be thrown. You will only need to know a few simple steps that are explained in detail. So what have you got to lose except some of the casino's money. Order your copy of The Winning Proposition today.

The Winning Proposition manual includes:

Chapter One: The Basics of Craps

  • A detailed craps tutorial.

Chapter Two: The Winning Proposition Method

  • Featuring an introduction to The Winning Proposition as well as the step-by-step procedures to follow.

Chapter Three: The Principles of Successful Gambling

  • The three fundamental principles of successful gambling, discipline, money management and a thorough knowledge of the game are explained.

Chapter Four: Glossary of Craps Terms

  • A comprehensive listing of all craps terms used within The Winning Proposition manual.


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The Winning Proposition is available for purchase online  through PayPal. The entire transaction is conducted on PayPal's secure server. The process is quick, simple and totally secure. You will receive your copy within 24 hours via email. To purchase The Winning Proposition by online check click the link below.

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The Winning Proposition


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