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Various Types of Online Casinos


At a quick glance, one may think if he’s seen one online casino he’s seen them all, but that’s hardly the case. There are several different types of online casinos out there, as the industry offers an equal opportunity for all would-be online gambling operators to hit the market with their unique brand, products and pushing their own personal style. Independent online casinos are few and far between these days. At the beginnings of the online gambling rush, there were many such operations but some of them went under while others joined more powerful networks to keep their competitive edge and to stay alive that way.

An independent online casino is a standalone operation which differs from just about everything that’s out there. Such standalone casinos offer software developed in-house and as such, not available anywhere else. While such casinos do indeed offer certain advantages (like the deliciously unique nature of their games/software) independence comes at a (rather steep) cost. Developing software that’s capable of keeping up with the major online casino software manufacturers is no small or cheap feat. Maintaining the casino isn’t exactly small change business either, thus such independent operations usually feature higher house edges and lower payout rates than casinos belonging to larger networks. Another issue with such operations – a rather major one too – is trust.

The public knows that major software manufacturers subject operators who wish to use their software to a keen vetting process. The same cannot be said about independent operators who answer to no one. The fact that during the golden age of online gambling many such independent casino operators turned out to be scammers doesn’t help the overall situation either.

The bottom line about independent online casinos is that they’re simply not very competitive. Their game selection tends to be shallower and with the above said issues added to the picture, they’re simply not attractive enough for the majority of online gamblers. Online casinos who use licensed software made by an independent developer are much more numerous and competitive. Such casinos may use software from a well-known and prestigious software manufacturer like Microgaming. The game selections offered by such casinos are much wider and their payout rates are more competitive as well.

While most such casinos do indeed use software made by one of the greats (Microgaming, Playtech etc) it is not necessary that they do so. They can obtain a license from one of the smaller software makers too, and work just as well. Such casinos usually run their own promotions and comp schemes, and they’re pretty much responsible for their own offers.

The third type of online casinos is the kind that belongs to an online casino group. These groups work a lot like poker networks: they offer group-wide promotions as the casinos basically belong to the same owner. Why would a group run several online casino operations which basically offer the same deals? Simple: by targeting various player-segments, these casino groups manage to cover a rather fragmented market. Player retention is another reason. Online gamblers tend to get bored playing at the same casino for a longer period of time. Casino groups make it possible for their players to move to different casinos yet continue to generate revenue for the same entity.

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