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Understanding Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements and How to Avoid Their Pitfalls


There are a good number of casino players that have come to hate online casinos or their bonuses simply because they weren’t paying attention to the rules and conditions under which they claimed them. They don’t realize that it’s their sole responsibility to see if they should accept the bonus or reject it based on what they have read in the bonus terms and conditions. They simply go for the bonus without thinking and then blame the casino for what happens next.

It’s true that there are casinos that intentionally set up pitfalls for players to fall in, but that doesn’t mean that you should be lazy enough to fall in that pitfall. For example, you have found yourself real money blackjack for your mobile, and you see a blackjack bonus that looks amazing and hard to pass on. Are you going to accept the bonus without thinking or will you stop for a moment to see if the conditions are favorable?

Making a deposit and claiming a bonus is a fun thing to do, so don’t spoil it by claiming a bad bonus. Bad bonuses are those whose terms and conditions are unfavorable in several aspects. For example, the most common pitfall is a high wagering requirement, which players tend to neglect just because they were offered a tasty bonus of several hundreds of dollars.

Such bonuses are just not worth it because you will never be able to clear out the wagering requirement and all you would have done is spent time and money on a worthless bonus. Some online casinos set up high wagering requirements, which is the sum of all your wagering action using the bonus and deposit, to prevent you from cashing out what you have won. By the time you get to clear out the requirement you would have spent all of your money. This is why it is imperative to first find a bonus with a low wagering requirement. This will save you a world of trouble.



Other casinos place limits on how much you can win using the bonus and how much you can withdraw, which kind of sucks. Or, they don’t make the bonus amount cashable, so when you have cleared the wagering requirement you will be able to cash out just your winnings and the deposit, but not the bonus amount that you got.

The terms and conditions spell out which games are restricted for using the bonus. For example, the bonus is allowed for slots, but not for blackjack. So if you have been playing blackjack all day using the bonus, you have done that in vain because not even one wager has contributed towards the requirement so your deposit is still tied up with the bonus and all that you have won you won’t be able to withdraw because you still have to fulfill the wagering requirement.

No casino will feel sorry for you if you are too lazy to inform yourself and read the fine print, which is a common mistake in every aspect of our lives. Stay on top of things by always reading the terms and conditions thoroughly before claiming any bonus. That information is highly valuable because you will know what you get into. Try AussieCasinoBonus.com



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