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Top 5 Ways To Win More Money Playing Roulette


Playing roulette is a great way to enjoy a day at the casino. It is a slow paced game that is quite entertaining and increasingly popular. We play roulette online at 888 Roulette. We highly recommend this casino for any online roulette play. Aside from the entertainment factor here are the top 5 ways to make more money playing roulette.

1- The first of the top 5 ways to make more money playing roulette is knowing how to play the game properly. You can lose money if you are unclear about the rules. The dealer or croupier always has the last say, and you cannot contest his ruling. So, understanding the rules and the proper game etiquette will give you a solid background and go along way in helping you avoid costly mistakes.

2- The second way to make more money is asking what the terms of the table are before placing a bet. Find out the bet limits and payouts. Ask about any bonuses if you plan to play roulette online.

Roulette is a game of chance. It is a gentleman’s casino game. There is seldom shouting and screeching during a roulette game. Usually the higher the bet limits, the more restrained the players are. Knowing how to behave will not get you kicked out, and if the players are taking their game seriously, you should take advantage of that and concentrate on your game as well.


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3- The third way to make more money playing roulette is knowing and following your limits. Sometimes, when you are on a winning streak, you tend to forget that you have pre-determined personal limits. If you forget about your limits and keep going assuming you will continue winning, you will get too confident. In addition, if you also start winning, you tend to get greedy. Many players have lost a fortune because they could not let it go. In the end, you will definitely not be wearing a smile on your face. Learn when to walk away from the table.

4- The fourth way is learning to control your emotions and play in a good mood. Going into a roulette table with negative vibes is just not a good idea. First of all, you will not be focusing on the game, but on your emotions. What will happen is that your judgment will be clouded, and your game will be compromised. Being in a good mood is knowing when to laugh at your losses, and shake it off. Some players tend to get morose when they see their chips dwindling. This is a game of chance, and you will lose some bets. That is a certainty. What is not sure is how much you could win over how much you could lose.

Try to stay focused and calm. Enjoy the game. Don’t start drinking heavily. This will definitely cloud your game.

5- The fifth and final of the top 5 ways to make more money playing roulette is the game with the best odds. This would be the European version of the roulette. The American version has the double zero slot which increases the house odds. If you can find the European version, you have a better chance of winning. However, before you even start playing, make sure you practice. If you plan to play online it is a good idea to access a site that offers free games.

These are really common sense tips on how to enjoy roulette, and possibly make money at the same time.



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