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Slot Machine Tips


Slot Machine Tip #1 - Look for the best paying machines
Always search for the machines that are advertised to payout between 95 and 99 percent. Theses are typically dollar and higher denomination machines.

Slot Machine Tip #2 - Concentrate primarily on non progressive machines

Because the random number generators are programmed to produce a higher number of reels and symbols on progressive jackpot machines, slot players are better off playing the flat rate machines found in the best slots locations.

Slot Machine Tip #3 - Bribe a casino employee

Ask an employee in the slots area which machine is the best to play. Offer them a percentage of your profit for pointing you in the right direction.

Slot Machine Tip #4 - Play the highest denomination machines that fits into your bankroll

The higher the denomination the higher the percentage of payout on slot machines. Therefore, if you can afford it, play the five dollar slots in the best locations. If that's too steep for your bankroll, drop down to the dollar machines and so on. Typically, dollar machines return on average 95 % with quarter machines returning 93 % and nickel machines 90 %.

Slot Machine Tip #5 - Try the machine next to you if yours is not paying off

Two loose machines are never located directly next to each other. If you've determined that the machine you're playing is located in one the best locations, as described in the Best Slots Locations of our slots online section, and your machine is not playing like a loose machine, try the one next to it.

Play online slots at the following Gamblers Edge approved casino; Golden Tiger Casino. We have personally inspected each casino for honesty and fair game play.

Online slots tips are similar to the land based tips provided here. However, there is no way to bribe a casino employee to point you in the direction of a "hot" machine.


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