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Roxy Palace Casino Review

If you want to talk about a trendy, catchy and hi tech online gambling website, then the first name that’s going to be brought up is the Roxy Palace Online Casino. Roxy Palace is powered by Microgaming Viper Technology and the website has the all signs of a professional gambling website. Thousands of customers visit the site on a daily basis and have a wonderful time playing their favorite games, winning money and adding a new found zest to their lives.

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What gives the Roxy Palace an edge over its competitors?

Free Software

Anything in life that is free is generally gobbled up by one and all. Roxy Palace has offered free gambling software to all customers who are willing to sign up. The free software has been exceptionally designed and is also extremely user friendly. Customers can go to the website, register and download the free software. The size of the software is not very large and step by step instructions are provided for installation. Once the software is installed on your computer, you can log in anytime day and night and have a wonderful gambling experience.


Roxy Palace has customers from different parts of the world logging into its website. Thus, to cater to the needs of different customers, the Roxy Palace has customized its website to offer customers the option of playing their favorite games in their very own language. At present, customers can choose English, French, Dutch, and Italian. More languages might be added in the future depending upon the request of customers.

Variety of Games

Although most players have their favorite online games, they also like to have the option of choosing from a wide range of different games. Roxy Palace provides its customers this option. There are more than 200+ games available at the Roxy Palace Casino and new games are being added constantly. Some of the popular gaming categories at the Roxy Palace are Slots, Blackjack, Video poker, and table games.


Roxy Palace offers its customers some amazing bonuses such as the $100 dollar sign up bonus. There are also huge jackpots on offer and a list of previous winners. The bonus money on offer is extremely tempting for anyone. The Roxy Palace Casino provides quick payouts, safe and secure trading, 24/7 customer support and complete privacy to the customer.


Its not a surprise that on any online gambling website, thousands of dollars are constantly being transferred. Roxy Palace offers a very secure website and gives its customers the option of paying and receiving money from numerous companies such as Clickpay, Nettler, Citadel and your ever reliable credit card.


The website also offers its customers a help section. Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions that normally provides all the information you need for whatever problem you are facing. If the help section does not provide you with the solution you are looking for, all you have to do is call one of the toll free numbers or get in touch with the fabulous customer service department. Roxy Palace does all it can to make its customers experience a fabulous one. What more can one ask for?

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