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Psychology of Online Gambling


People have always wanted to gain money easily. Gambling is a method for this purpose. This is why it was present in the life of people from the early ages and this is why people are attracted to it. Gambling offers people all kind of sensations from thrill to sadness, from euphoria to depression. Gambling can cover the whole group of sensations.

Gambling comes from game, a game played for money, for fun, for fame or just for the sake of the game. Gambling has all kind of forms and variations, sport betting, car, hound dog or horse races, casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo or even logical games for the mind.

Today the world is changing and everything is under pressure. People are always in a hurry and great technological inventions like the Internet are part of our life to make things a little easier for us. In this chaotic world we want to remember how it is to play a game and using the Internet we managed to make even this thing easier taking gambling online.


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Online gambling offers us games that we can play from home, the office or our cell phones. There are various online casinos offering us their services such as online casino games, races, poker rooms, online bingo halls and many other games for us to play to win money or just for fun.

We play these games alone so our privacy is respected. We can be whomever we want to be and we can take our chances. Now let's talk about the psychology of online gambling. From the point of view of psychology we transform in an online casino. Our instincts become sharper, we create to ourselves an imaginary enemy, the dealer, with whom we play a very intense psychological game.

We become brave and rich, creating an imaginary, virtual world were we can be whatever we want to be. This is why people become obsessed with gambling online, not only the money, it is more than that. It is the feeling of power, the feeling of freedom, luck and the intensity offered by the fact that we are taking chances. However, we can also become more isolated towards the real world and we realize that in that world we do not feel as good as in the online casino or bingo hall. This is why we must pay close attention to avoid becoming dependant on these games.


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