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Progressive Slots

Every gambler has a dream. You know it all too well because you have that dream yourself. It’s the one where you have the big win, you buy the Ferrari, light up a cigar and drive off down the empty California superhighways to your beach bound destiny. However, it often seems that the dream can’t be realized playing the slots as many machines simply do not offer the massive jackpots. One gets the feeling that to win big on the slots it’s a simple case of plugging away over time and choosing to cash out on a run of luck which has left the bank balance in your favor. Certainly in the past, with a limit on the probability of any win being ruled by the reels, it simply wasn’t profitable for Casinos to offer large jackpots on machines as they odds couldn’t be reduced to suitable levels.

Over the last few years slot manufacturers have countered this problem by creating progressive jackpot slot machines, or progressive slots as they are known for short. A progressive slot takes a little from every credit and puts it into an ever growing jackpot, then, when one lucky player matches every line with the hardest symbol to find in the game, they get to take down the entire progressive jackpot. Obviously, the longer it takes for someone to win the jackpot, the bigger the jackpot gets, and the more chance people feel they have of winning it.


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There are three main types of progressive slot machines. The stand-alone progressive slot machine, which usually has a glowing LED jackpot counter sitting on top of the machine. In house, or proprietary slots are a series of slot machines, all situated in the same casino with a large, linked jackpot; all machines contribute to the jackpot but only one player will walk away with the money. The last type of progressive slot is the one which offers the life changing jackpots, and it’s known as the wide area progressive slot and each machine is plugged into a network of machines which can be situated across many casinos, or even across the world. This last type of progressive slot is usually owned by an operator as opposed to a casino, with the operator paying a percentage to the casinos, and because it costs so much money to link the machines the payback percentage on such machines is usually lower. One can compare the odds of winning the jackpot on the wide area progressives to the odds of winning on the national lottery.

The most famous wide area progressive slot is the Megabucks machine in Las Vegas. Over the years the biggest Las Vegas wins have all been through this machine which is privately operated by IGT. Lightning has even struck twice with Megabucks when 92 year old Elmer Sherwin won the Megabucks jackpot some 21 years after his first win. The gregarious old nonagenarian pledged to give the $21 million jackpot to victims of natural disasters around the world. However, this is still only around half the money won in the biggest ever progressive jackpot, which again was on the Megabucks machine of some $39.7million, won by a young executive who took a chance spin whilst on a trip away to see the 2003 NCAA Basketball tournament.

Don’t think that just because the biggest jackpots are available in Las Vegas that there aren’t openings for massive progressive wins for online slot players. With the increasing popularity of online slots there are more and more openings for progressive players all over the net. To give you an idea of the money floating around out there for grabs I’ve just had a look at some of the biggest jackpots. With over £2 million on offer for the winner of the Monopoly machine’s jackpot we could go so far as to ask what you’re doing still reading this? Click the banner below to take a shot at a $1,000,000 jackpot and get a 100% match bonus on your first deposit.


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