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Playcosmo.com – A Review of PlayCosmo.com


Let's start with a basic assertion; not all slot games are created equal, and there remains a considerable level of diversity in this marketplace.

The same can be said for the slot sites that house these games, with some offering a superior experience to both casual and serious players alike. Take PlayCosmo.com, for example, which is far from being just another slot game and actively pulls out all of the stops to engage a wider, target market.

So, what is it that sets the PlayCosmo site apart, and why should the current generation of players care? Let's take a look:

Marketing to a New Generation of Slot Gamers

At the heart of PlayCosmo's appeal is its understanding of the modern marketplace, and its willingness to evolve and engage a more diverse target audience.

Most recently, the site has undergone a significant redesign to appeal to the next generation of online slot enthusiasts, with a number of innovative features included to target casual players who are over 30 and are avid followers of box-set and television trends.

These include live updates on winners' success and progressive jackpot triumphs, which creates a genuine sense of community and camaraderie between players. PlayCosmo.com also publishes regular news features relating to the most popular games on the site, which generates significant interest and potential crucial information to players.

At present, the most popular games include the sites' variations iterations of roulette, including fun and innovative versions of American, European and French Roulette.

Mermaid Millions also remains one of the site's longest-standing and most popular slot titles, along with the fiery and combative Thunderstruck. The latter is a five-reel, Microgaming slot game with a Nordic-inspired theme, and one that is based around the imposing God of Thunder (Thor).

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the presence of an independent news feature, which delivers insightful and informative writing relating to the latest films, celebrity gossip and game releases.

This is the hook that engages many of the sites' target market, as it creates an appeal that transcends slot gaming and breaks down the traditional barriers of pop culture. It is this that truly sets the site apart from its rivals, creating a proposition that is compelling given the current climate of the slot game and virtual casino market.

The Best of Both Worlds

By combining the very best of television, celebrity and slot gaming, Playcosmo.com appeals to an incredibly broad range of players and demographics. It also serves as one stop resource where players can access the latest slot games and promotional offers, while also consuming news stories that are tailored to their specific preferences.



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