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Baccarat – How to Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the easiest Jackpot Party casino games to play online. The game is played with two hands of two cards. One hand is assigned to the player and the other hand is assigned to the dealer. All cards are worth their face value with the exception of an ace, which is worth one and any picture card, which are worth zero. The name of the game is to get a score as close to nine as possible. When combining the totals your final score must be in single digits. So if you are dealt a score of 3 and then receive a 9 your final score will be 2 (simply deduct ten from any double digit score).

Players have the option of betting on the hand dealt to the player, the hand dealt to the banker or that the outcome will be a tie. The house edge in Baccarat only has a 1.4% edge on even money bets but there is a 5% commission on winning banker bets. This means the players are actually paid 0.95 to 1. The odds of a player’s hand winning is 44.62% whereas they will lose 45.85% of the time. The probability for a tie is 9.53%. If you factor out the tie then the bankers hand will win 51% of the time and is probably the best bet to make.

If a player is dealt an 8 or a 9 they win the hand unless the dealer also has an 8 or a 9. If both players have different numbers to the 8 or a 9 they are then allotted cards (or not) dependant on the number they have and the corresponding rules concerning that number in each game. Unlike games of chance like online slots or craps there is an element of skill involved in Baccarat and as each game will vary and have different rules it is important to read up before you start to play.

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