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Online vs. Live Casinos: The Ever-Shrinking Divide




We used to live in a gambling world defined by a very distinct divide between live and online casinos. For the traditionalists, those players that enjoyed the sights, sounds and feel of a "real" casino, the world of bricks and mortar gaming was the place to play. In contrast, for those with a more progressive attitude and a desire for efficiency over authenticity, online casino sites were the medium of choice.

However, as time has passed and the gambling industry has evolved, the division between live and online casinos has gradually decreased. Although there is still a line running between the two mediums, that line has shrunk dramatically since 2010 thanks to the advent of live dealer technology.

Go Online, Go Live

Today, when you log into a live dealer casino platform you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of online gaming with virtually all of the best elements of live gaming. For example, if you were to ante-up at a live dealer online casino like Smart Live, you'd be able to enjoy a variety of games, including blackjack and roulette.

Of course, any online casino worth its salt will also offer virtual casino games alongside live dealer options; however, at site such as Smart Live it's the live/online crossover games that sit at the top of the gaming tree. Why is this? Simple: because, thanks to the combination of RFID chips and web stream technology, these games offer the best of both worlds.

In a nutshell, live dealer casino games are: • More efficient than traditional live casino games. • More interactive than traditional online casino games. • Just as visually impressive as traditional live casino games. • Just as affordable as traditional online casino games. For example, when you look as Smart Live's offerings you'll find betting limits at its London Live Roulette tables starting from £0.25.

These betting limits are not only affordable from an online playing perspective, but much more affordable than the minimum limits you'd find in a brick and mortar venue (the smallest stakes would be around £5 per spin).

Therefore, if you want an accessible and realistic experience, live dealer games are a virtual no-brainer.

The Line is Getting Thinner and Thinner

Of course, the line between what's real and what's not isn't static. As the iGaming technology continues to evolve, we can expect the line to shrink almost to the point of nonexistence thanks, in part, to virtual reality headsets.

Although this technology hasn't yet been integrated into the online casino world, it will happen and when it does the realism of live dealer games will gradually be augmented with the touch of virtual reality.

Indeed, with Mark Zuckerberg already toying with virtual reality ping pong (a game that allows you to enter a room and connect with another player in a different location), it won't be long before casino fans can join live dealers in a virtual setting.

While we won't ever lose the live/online distinction in the gambling world, it's clear that the traditional view of each medium is changing. In fact, no longer do players have to choose a side to support.

Today, you can go online and enjoy virtually all the benefits of live gaming. Moreover, if you step into a land-based, you can now find a range of virtual gaming options (such as virtual poker tables). The gaming world is constantly evolving and, as it does, the line between live and online will continue to shrink and that's great news for players of all persuasions.


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