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Basic Backgammon Rules


Backgammon is a very popular and great game. It is a rather simple board game that involves two players that must move their pieces around the backgammon board, according to the roll of the dice.

The objective of this game is to bear all of the 15 checkers faster than your opponent. Before you get to that part of the game, you must get all your pieces in a part of the backgammon board called “home”. The movement of the checkers is dictated by the roll of the dice. After all the checkers are brought home, the player must remove them from the backgammon board. The first one to remove all the pieces is the winner.

Backgammon is played with 30 checkers, 15 white for one player and 15 black for the other. Each player has to move his checkers around the game board until they are all home. The home section of the board in the player’s right. The board has 24 points or triangles from different colors, one black and one right and so on. In backgammon there are two dice and usually for a roll a dice cup is used. The movement of the checkers is determined by the roll of the two dice.

Before a backgammon game can begin, the player that will start must be decided. Each player must throw the dice. According to the numbers on the dice the starting player is decided. The player that rolled the highest number gets to start the backgammon game, meaning he is the first to move his checkers.

In case both players throw the same number, it is a tie, and they have to throw the dice again. The player that has to start the game must use for his move the number shown on the two dice. After he took a decision and moved his pieces according to it, the next player must do the same.

Each player has two ways of moving the checkers. They can use either the both dice g\for moving one checker or they can move two checkers, one for one dice and the other for the other dice.

Another thing to know is that in backgammon, if the two dice show the same numbers, it means he threw a double. A double allows you to move the checkers four times. Of course the players can choose to move any pieces he wants from the board. Another thing, the player must play the numbers on both dice, no matter if it is in his advantage or not. A good backgammon player will evaluate his position and choose the best possible movement of all. In case it is not possible for a movement to be done, that the next player must throw the dice and move.

You can’t move a checker on a certain points if your opponent has more that one checkers there of his own. And if he has only one that means you hit him and his piece will be put on the bar section of the board until he has an opportunity to re-enter it in the game again.

The point that is occupied by one of your enemy’s checker is called a blot. In case you have the possibility after the roll of dice to land on that spot, he will be hit. A player can not move any other pieces if he has one waiting on the bar section of the backgammon board.

The final part of the game is bearing off. A player can only remove the pieces if he has all of them in the home section of the backgammon board. If during this process a player’s checkers gets hit, he has to stop bearing off and bring his checker home all over again.

Backgammon is an interesting strategy game. It is not a hard game to play but a lot of practice is required for great skills. Be careful what decisions you make during the backgammon game, it is absolutely crucial. Have fun.


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