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Online Casino Gambling – Top Tips

Online casino gambling carries a bunch of advantages over land based casino action. That doesn’t mean though that online gamblers are guaranteed to win – far from it. While the house edge is much smaller in an online casino than in a land-based operation, it is still there and it still works against the player. Unlike in poker, where the edges can be turned around on skill alone, in casino gambling – with few exceptions – that can’t really be done. The fact however that online casinos give players sign-up bonuses, poker rake back - like loyalty deals and various promotions means that the house edge will indeed be much smaller online than in live casinos.

What should you keep your eye on when you finally decide to make that deposit and to give online gambling a go?

First of all, make sure that your bankroll is made up of money you can afford to lose. You should never view online gambling, or even online poker as a reliable source of revenue. Even the spots where you can generate positive EV through skill will feature variance, and without a monstrously large bankroll, this variance will get to you and eat your bankroll right up. Make it your goal to have fun while gambling online. Look at the game as fun that you have to pay for. Set yourself a budget and losing limits. When you’re wagering the rent money, gambling stops being fun and it crosses into stressful, and why on earth would you pay to be stressed out?

Know the online casino where you play inside out. Understand whether it’s legal or not for you to gamble online. If it’s illegal, you may find yourself in the surprising and not too enviable position that you’re not only unable to cash out, you’re also guilty of a crime. Even if online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, your winnings may be subject to tax, which you should also know, understand and factor into the general picture.

Knowing your online casino inside out is important not only because there are rogue operators out there who won’t ever pay you. That in fact tends to be the least of your worries. Unless you understand the redemption requirements for the bonus you receive upon sign-up, you may be in for a nasty surprise. The redemption requirements are usually in the fine-print of the page which offers the bonus, but don’t let that fool you: these requirements are the ones that make or break the bonus. For instance, there may be online casinos out there, which do not allow bonus redemption on roulette at all. If you’re a roulette player, such a casino is obviously not for you. The bonus redemption requirements hide all sorts of minute details, each and every one of which has a giant impact on the quality of the bonus.

Customer Support is extremely important. These are the guys you’ll be dealing with whenever you run into any kind of problems at the site. Customer Support can make or break a deal too: online poker props are supposed to sign in with a prop manager every time they intend to play. While casino players don’t have to do that, often times they have to deal with the support staff.



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