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The Biggest Obstacle in the Path of Legal Online Gambling: Indian Tribes

The DOJ’s reassessment of the Wire Act has cleared a lot of the mist that surrounded the legal status of online poker and online gambling and it has pretty much opened the way for states to either elaborate their own online gambling regulations or to adopt the Nevada regulations and legalize online gambling for good. While some states may opt out of the setup, an eventual federal gambling bill may also be in the books, and that is a possibility which has Indian Tribes up in arms. While some of the tribes are for such legalization and regulation, viewing it as another opportunity to expand their gambling services and revenues, others, of less potent financial means, who deem that their online operations will never be able to compete with the Las Vegas backed sites, are absolutely against such legalization.

On the whole however, despite the splits, the tribes agree that federally legalized and regulated online gambling would hurt their interests in the long-run. Such a legal environment would see them cannibalize their live casino revenues and it would place them in a position of disadvantage given the nature of the online gambling/online poker market.

The tribes are indeed rightfully worried that the DOJ’s latest position on the Wire Act is an impetus for a federal-level regulatory system. They know that Nevada isn’t about to be confined within its own state boundaries.

Federally legalized online poker and gambling would result in a rush which would surpass anything the industry has ever seen – according to Phil Hellmuth and Hellmuth does know what he’s talking about. In that case, a few of the tribes would benefit while the majority would not.

Apparently, the list of Indian Tribes that could mount a series challenge to Las Vegas casinos online is very short. The Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut is among those confident that they will be able to take on the giants. According to Bruce Two Dogs Bozsum, his tribe has been preparing for legal online gambling and poker for a few years now. He is confident that by banding together, the tribes would be able to field extremely competitive online poker and online gambling operations.

Bozsum has even testified in a Senate hearing regarding the issue of federally legalized online poker, representing the viewpoint of the Indian tribes. According to Bozsum, state-level legalization would be unfair towards those residing in smaller states like Rhode Island or DC.

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