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The Triple Crown Races

In the late 1800s, three different tracks were created to test three year old horses. These races were Belmont Stakes, Preakness and Kentucky Derby. The first time all three races were held in the same year was in 1875. In 1919, Sir Barton became the first horse to win all the three races. The term, Tripe Crown was coined in 1930 by Charles Hatton, a columnist, who used it to cover the horse Gallant Fox’s winning efforts.

Only 11 horses have managed to win the Triple Crown which is considered to be a very difficult feat in the field of horse racing. Some horses that are legendary in the horse racing did not complete this feat. Man o’ War managed to win only 2 races out of the 3. Seabiscuit was not even considered for this race and Cigar never competed.

Only horses up to the age of three are allowed to compete for Triple Crown races. These horses are all juvenile and will not realize their full growth and potential till they are in their fourth or fifth year. This is what makes the Triple Crown races so difficult to win.

The other factor that makes the races difficult is the duration between the races. Under normal circumstances, horses get 30 to 60 days off between races. However, in Triple Crown races, the horses have to run 3 races within 35 days. Sir Barton won the Preakness 4 days after winning the Kentucky Derby while today the horses get 14 days between the two races.

The ultimate deciding factor is the distance of these races. The Derby is mile and quarter, the Preakness is a mile and three sixteenth while the Belmont is a mile and half and is the longest of the three races. Horses who survive their attempt at the Triple Crown races invariably never compete at these distances again. In fact many horses are never able to compete again.

The Triple Crown races start on first Saturday in May each year. This is the time when horse racing lovers across America hope to see another winner of Triple Crown.


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