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The Evolution of iGaming: How Connectivity and Knowledge Should Guide Your Casino Choices


While it was once that case the operators would segment their casino, poker and sports betting options into separate platforms, it's now the case that players can move from one medium to another without having to switch sites or accounts. Essentially what's happened to the iGaming world over the last few years is that it's been forced to adapt to changing market conditions. When everything was new and regulation wasn't an issue, sites were able to attract thousands of players to each betting axis without any problems.

The Homogenisation of the iGaming Industry

However, as the industry has matured and certain markets have moved in different directions, it's become tougher for operators to generate the same levels of traffic that the once did. Of course, this doesn't mean we should cry the top operators a river. Indeed, when you assess the Canadian iGaming market you can see that the industry is still generating around $5.7 billion each year.

That fact aside, operators have still had to adjust and the good news for gamblers is that this has made it even easier to achieve success in the iGaming arena. Why is this the case? Knowledge. Today you should now be able to head over to a site such as bet365 and not only enjoy a slew of casino, poker and sports betting options, but you should be able to acquire more and more knowledge.

Indeed, just as the top operators are now offering more gaming options in a single platform, they are also making it easier for you to boost you overall skill set. In fact, without doing this, modern iGaming platforms would be excluding a large section of their demographic. As we've said, the key to attracting new players is to homogenous the industry, but without giving players the knowledge to flow from vertical-to-vertical, this coming together would be worthless.

You Can't Have Connectivity without Knowledge

When you head over to an online bookmaker today you'll see that knowledge is as much of the site's set-up as the betting options. For example, you can size up the latest bet365 betting odds with all the news you need for the Toronto Blue Jays, before you even place a bet.

By offering customers the chance to access the latest news stories about the Toronto Blue Jays, online bookmakers are making knowledge an integral part of its overall package and, therefore, making it easier for players to move across its betting options.

Although a poker player might be a master of bluffs and three betting, they might not have a clue who to bet on when it comes to Canadian sports. Fortunately, by offering a news and updates centre where customers can learn about the latest goings on in the world of sport, modern iGaming sites have made this transition extremely easy.

What's more, it works both ways. If the sports bettor wants to take advantage of the newly homogenised iGaming landscape and place some blackjack bets, they'll first need some knowledge. Because of this, an operator will offer guides to the rules of blackjack as well as some professional betting systems so that a sports bettor can make the switch if they so wish.

Connectivity and Knowledge are Crucial in the iGaming World

Modern iGaming is about connectivity and if an operator isn't providing that they aren't worthy of your business. However, it's also about knowledge and sites providing ways for people to move between these newly connected entities in the most efficient way possible.

We pride ourselves on showing you how to make the most out of the iGaming world and if there are two things that you should all be looking out for when you're thinking about joining a new casino it's connectivity and knowledge.

If you want to enjoy a thoroughly modern iGaming experience, then you need to seek out a platform such as bet365 that offers a single platform where knowledge abounds and betting options of all shapes and sizes are easy to come by.


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