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Which Casino Promotions Actually Pay Off?


In the competitive world of online casinos and bookmakers one of the best ways for various sites to lure in new customers is with promotional offers. These are generally cleverly worded as “Earn $500 on your first deposit” or “Your first bet is free” where customers have to roll over a bet so many times or earn a percentage of money on each wager to actually accrue these bonuses. Regardless, it's irresponsible not to take advantage of these promotions especially when all things are equal in regards to sports offered, deposit options, withdrawal times, etc.

Service, quality, and a user-friendly site should always rank higher for long term enjoyment than an up front promotion. That being said, sites that offer these type of bonuses will help to improve on the overall gaming experience at their casino:

Deposit Bonuses / Free Plays

One of the most heavily promoted bonuses in the online sportsbook industry is the deposit match. It is a very appealing promotion because who wouldn't want the book to match their $250 deposit to give them $500 of money in their account to wager with? These deposit bonuses do pay off, but it's important to understand that they aren't immediately put into your account when your payment clears. Instead a portion of these bonuses are put into your account after every wager meaning you'll have to put $250 worth of bets to actually receive the $250 match. Make sure to check out the fine print on online casino bluebook reviews to determine exactly how these deposits are recouped.

Free plays on the other hand are something that can instantly be put into action. Sometimes these come in the form of a free bet when your account has been at $0 for awhile (a nudge so to speak) while other times they are redeemed from subscribing to a newsletter or checking out a sponsored promotion.

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you have a buddy who would like to get into the exciting world of online betting then a 'refer a friend' bonus is one that can be very lucrative. Sometimes the bonus is paid back immediately when your friend deposits while other times it is recouped in every wager they place. Most online casinos and books won't put a cap on how many friends you can refer (they like customers) so you can legitimately earn multiple bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses

A nice way to know that your playing is appreciated is when online books offer loyalty bonuses for wagering at their site. Sites that offer these promotions usually award you 'coins' or 'points' for each wager based on the amount of money you play (2 points for a $200 wager for example). These points can then be redeemed for either prizes or cashed in for free plays, both of which are nice touches to separate different books from their competitors.

Seasonal Promotions

Online casinos and books should create excitement among their members for big sporting events such as the World Cup, Super Bowl, Masters Golf Tournament, etc. A great way to drum up this eagerness is by offering seasonal promotions. Some books might give free bets on certain props or parlays while others will do deposit matches, double points, etc.

As stated, the most important factors in choosing a book should be their integrity and the variations on sports offered with also live bets, mobile betting, parlays, futures, etc. That being said, finding a book that provides quality but also does so with valuable promotions is a win/win situation.



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