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Can Online Roulette Be Beaten?


We all love those free casino games online that satisfy our gambling needs and wants. In the same time, we want to win big and even if we don't admit it at first, we would cheat if we could.

We can't, right? Read this article until the end and you will find out the answer to your questions - can online roulette be beaten?

How the online roulette really function? Like any other online gambling activity, it has some basic elements like a wheel, the roulette ball, the betting table and the gaming chips. There is no croupier in the online industry, except for the situations when you get to play in the live casino section.

Your only task while playing the online roulette is to foresee what number the ball will stop on. You'll use your chips to place bets that are normally against the house (in other words, you are playing against the casino) and not some other gamblers.

What type of online roulette should I choose? The multitude of variations you can find online can somewhat by confusing, especially to a new gambler. To put it simply, there are only 3 types of online roulette that you need to consider:

• American Roulette
• European Roulette
• French Roulette

The difference between them are quite small, but you should better try each and every one and decide for yourself which suits you the most.

Different famous strategies you can use to beat the online roulette

1. Magic 8 System - is a simple strategy that states that one previous result will repeat subsequently after 8 extra rounds. For example, if the previous results were 5, 8, 3, 36, 25, 6, 12, 15, you should skip betting for a hand and then place your bet on the number 5 and go on from there.

2. The Martingale Strategy - is all about adapting your wagers differently when winning or losing. If you lose, you should double your stake every round and if you win, you should lower your bet progressively until minimum. For example, if your initial bet was 1$ and you lose the hand, you will then wager 2$ and so on.

3. The Fibonacci Strategy - another famous formula that talks about a sequence of numbers in which every number is a total sum of the previous two numbers. For example, if your first and second bets are 2$, the third will be 4$.

4. The D'Alembert Strategy - this is very familiar to the second strategy, as it is all about the betting. D'Alembert says that you can win if you increase your bet by one when you are winning a hand and decrease your wager by one when you are losing a hand. For example, if you start by 2$ and win, you will next bet 3$. If then you lose, you will get back to your 2$ wager.

5. Doyne Farmer - is the name of the author of our last strategy. It is also the most complicated of all, relies on mathematics and requires a small computer to be able to calculate some winning formula.

The simple reasons why you might lose when playing online roulette

• The casino will always win the game, as you can imagine it is their principal source of profit. You will be able to partially win, but the longer you play, the more advantageous the house will be;
• If you change your game strategy in the middle of the play, it is possible that you loose because of all the chaos and disorganization that characterizes your gameplay;
• Patience is always a great attitude to have and so if you get impatient, close to desperate, your gameplay will be a mess. The key characteristics of any online gambling activity are patience, organization, and awareness of the game.
• Don't go spend all your cash in once. You need to hold back and bet small when you feel your luck is not so high;
• Lastly, choose the right strategy for you and play the type of roulette that suits your style and bankroll. You need to know how risk-willing you are and what kind of gain objectives you got.

As a conclusion, make sure that you don't take the stated strategies as guaranteed win because you might become extremely disappointed at the end. Lastly, don't forget to have fun!



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